Sunday, March 09, 2008

Coming Soon..

Fashion's coolest couples.

Can you guess the 'items' who'll be making the list?
ps, comment replies asap, busy, busy!


emsie said...

the first one to spring to mind is alexa chung and alex turner. i did quite like kirsten dunst and johnny borell together, but i'm not really sure where their relationship is at the moment.

i don't know, others may completely disagree with me.

Héloïse J. said...

gainsbourg- birkin? (quite old but old time classic)
and some of moss- hack for me plz!

Jennifer said...

i am not up on names and who is with who, but i look forward to the reveal!

alluretone said...

hm i like that picture. uhh let's see the olsen twins? diane kruger and her husband.. i forget his name

Aly said...

Camille & Jarv!!! I love it!!!

Tinsley said...

I cant wait!
hmmm i think i know a few.... hehe


ps.. if you don't put them ill feel like quite an idiot for coughing ;P

Anonymous said...

If Camille and Jarv is on this list then I'm looking forward to it already!

Anonymous said...

uhhh alex turner & alexa chung?

diane kruger & joshua jackson?

kirsten & jonny borrel- even though they're now broken up?

kate bosworth & james rosseau?

Ana said...

alex turner and alexa chung?
angie and brad?

cant wait.

Ana said...

By the way can we trade links?..I've had you linked for quite a bit.

Unknown said...

camille and jarv? gahhhh~ how i covet this picture. what a fantastic couple.

Irene (capuccinobar) said...

uuh, nooo idea.
it's amazing, VICTORIA BECKAM AT VOGUE????!!!! (i'm talking about your last post)
could you link meee?
well, cheers!

Anonymous said...

hmm..i'm gonna guess:
-and my last guess..the classic katemoss&petedoherty

grenadine said...

I thought of Kate B and her bf James too.

Also Diane and Josh.

maverickandlove said...

who is that? and by the way i love the topshop black gladiators i wonder if i can buy those with us dollars?

Annabel said...

i love your blog.
and im linking you! <3

Romany said...

Posh and Becks.
Johnny Depp and Kate Moss (back when they were together).
Olsen twins.

I'm dying to know who will make the list.
Am I close at all? :)

Michelle said...

Ooh adore Camilie and Jarvis. And personally I'm favoring Johnny Depp and Vanessa, I can't wait to find out who's on the list!

kirsty lee said...

Camille and Jarvis are a definite.

Couples from the past are easier I think... Mick and Marianne for example. How cool is this photo???

ALSO, thank you so much your for your comment and my inclusion in March's reads! I am flattered beyond belief as your blog is definitely one of my favourites.

And the painting you asked about was done my flatmate. Enjoy it while you can as she's moving out in a few weeks so I'll be searching for a new background...

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

I'm so excited!

Anonymous said...

Please don't just do the obvious couples. Here are a few suggestions though i am sure there are plenty more, especially old movie star couples.
-Jude Law and Sienna Miller (back when they were both still stylish)
-Katy England & Bobby Gillespie
-Monica Belluci & Vincent Cassel
-Caroline Kennedy & John Jnr Kennedy
-Anita Pallenberg & Keith Richards
-Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall or L'Wren Scott
-Edie Sedgwick & Andy Warhol/Bob Dylan
-Sofia Coppola & Thomas Mars
-Pearl Lowe and Danny Goffey
-Angelina jolie & Brad Pitt
-Bobby Darin & Sandra Dee

María said...

Can't wait! Camille Bidault Waddington is one of my favourite stylists.

LBIC said...

I'd say Jerry and Mick, Johnny and Kate, and Turner and Chung

ediot said...

i take a guess on depp & paradis

Alya said...

the Beckhams would be SUCH an obvious thing! So i'm hoping u wont list them.

I'm not going to guess, because I wanna be surprised.

matt williams said...

the beckhams
kayne and his girlfriend alexis
kate and pete dorthy

Anonymous said...

Scarlett O'Hara & Rhett Butler