Saturday, March 15, 2008

la mome and my face

it all started on an overcast thursday.
a nice early finish from college.

i hopped onto the bus to see if I could sniff out lara stone at the local borders.
and did. and then paid for the thick wad of glossy paper.

into evening, when I should have been writing various essays, I reaquainted myself with my sewing kit and took inspiration from french vogue to create the following tee. plugged in lots of lamps, a little hapzardly for hazy light and listened to the kills and edith piaf.

a happy coincidence, no, as i had watched la vie en rose just the night before.

and the end results.

this feels a significant moment for me, as i am finally revealing my face after much dithering and wondering.
now playing: only shallow by my bloody valentine


Suze said...

it's lovely

Ella Gregory said...

Very nice, i like it a lot with the high waisted jeans
oh god i was in uniqlo a few weeks ago getting some new jeans and i was trying on a pair and had no idea they were high waisted until they just kept on going, and becuase they were skinny and TOTALLY light blue, no darker patches anywhere they were the most fugly things I have ever worn
it made my friend holly laugh a lot though

and I think the thing with the Heidi collection is she may have designed it herself, how else would it look that gross???

And its exciting you have shown your face finally

Cicely said...

Wow a momentous occasion! We now have a face for the name. Yay! and I love the tshirt, I feel like I'm seeing a whole new side to you.

Tinsley said...

Stevie your gorgeous! Like a mix of some eastern european model and frances bean cobain (think thats her name)

the tshirt is lovely! I think ill have to use my moms sewing kit as well - put that 300 dollar kit to use
(I know! $300! My dad bought it for her and I ended up with books...)

great collages - I love the french dictionary!

ediot said...

love this post. really great

Héloïse J. said...

wow! haha! i have imagined you a bit blonde! (i don't know why!) love the tee + the hat ;)

María said...

As Héloïse previously said, I imagined you blonde too! LOL
You did a great job with the t-shirt, I love it.

This month "Une fille, un style" is excellent.

Lana said...

It looks almost the same! Good job! said...

You're so cute! Like Chloe Sevigny mixed with Winona Ryder :)

Anonymous said...

The t-shirt is fabulous.... as is your face!

Anonymous said...

what secondary school did you attend? I swear i recognise you...

Mari-Liis said...

Well you shouldn't regret, you look amazing :)
One question though, if I may ask, how old are you?

Fashion Tidbits said...

ooo nice!

Anonymous said...

A historic moment! Mais est-ce que tu le regrette?

Ugh, my French got so bad.

Hey, I'm glad you found your way to my "personal" blog - since I've started it there's much more of my heart in it. Mind linking to it? Only if you find it interesting enough, that is :) Hope you're going to stay with it for a little longer, though.

Romany said...

Oooh I wish I could wear high-waisted jeans lol! One day...Lol.
Love the slogan 'je ne regrette rien' -it's such a powerful quote, even in english, but in french it makes all the difference.
We're both brunettes! Yay for brown hair. I don't know why you haven't 'showed your face' before, you could be a model! :)

SICK. said...

i love the outfit + rthe tee.


Debbie said...

That outfit is CHIC and HOT. I mean Not many people can pull off high waisted jeans! My fat hips wotn allow me anyway

Anna Pope said...

That t-shirt is really great. The original isn't half bad either ;D

And I will agree with everyone and say that you are rocking high waisted jeans like no other!

And I'm so glad I've discovered your blog when you finally show your (very pretty!) face :) Hope you don't mind, but I've linked you, you run a very awesome site!

Daphné said...

Great job, it looks fantastic!
Love the way your wear it with your high waisted jeans.
And it is also nice to see your face!

Sparky said...

ohh that's just a tad fantastic :D

AlicePleasance said...

You look great! And your shirt too, great job :-)

emsie said...

It's an amazing t-shirt, love the words. I'm jealous of your sewing skills!

& you're really pretty : )
I'm not sure what mental image I had of you, but it's nice to know what you really look like

Michelle said...

You're so pretty! And such a cute T, I would also very much like to steal your boots ;)

Alya said...

i totally imagined u to look like u r :) so cute. brunette like me ;)

Lizz - oh so glam said...

It's gorgeous, well done.
And I love La Vie En Rose!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

ahh girl don't hide
especially when you look that good
i don't understand why people hide sometimes, to each their own
i figure you gotta love me for me if not then that's your problem hahah
Love what you created, you are rocking the outfit, I hope coco reveals herself on her blog too!!

Anonymous said...

i can relate to the timidity. you look luscious though.
your diy is a major success too, by the way. love the effect (hooray for high-waists too!).


hannah said...

i love it! you look great in it. did you just use a sharpie? i would love to make something like that now.

A. said...

oh darling you did such a lovely, lovely job.

id so pay you to make one for me ;] hehe

& oh my god - you are insanely gorgeous!

its so good to finally have a face to match the fabulous blogger fille im always chatting to.

mwah A.

A. said...

& please tell me that is your vintage fur!

it is todiefor.

Camilla said...

You're gorgeous :)
I really like the shirt. Cool.

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