Monday, September 01, 2008

two years of discotheque confusion; Q and A

Q: How long it takes you to do all your amazing collages. Seriously, I bet it takes forever!

A: It usually takes about forty minutes to do a collage, but i easily get lost in my own little world, flicking through pretty pictures and then wake up 3 days later.
Q: Do you see yourself working in the fashion industry?

Yes, that's where I'm heading. I've always written, but now styling and PR really appeal too. At the moment, my focus is to keep doing work experience; it's the best and most valid way to ensure it's what you really want to do.

Q: Have there been any downsides to having a successful blog? Nasty feedback for example?
Luckily, I've never experienced any nasty experiences with the blog. Sometimes I'll get snippy comments, but I prefer to hear people express their views and put a different spin in on things than to blindly follow the crowd.

Q: What is your priority if really pushed for time - showering or outfit? which would get neglected?

I actually find myself in this situation far too often! I'll scurry around fooling myself until the last minute that I won't shower but the fact that i'm often late just goes to show that sadly i'm too indecisive to choose!

Q: What concessions do you buy when you're at the cinema?
Good question! I've always been the pic and mix type: vast quantites of fizzy cherries, cola bottles, foam bananas, and then occassionally jazzies which i never know why i choose as they're always the rejects at the end. my pet hate is those idiots who rustle their bag thorought the film.

Q: What is your favorite outfit or fashion item of all time?

The YSL "Le Smoking" look from the seventies is important to me. My philosophy is very much about wearing clothes for yourself, and this androgenous look is prime example. Chloe Sevigny is pretty much this blog's muse(!) and I think she is the perfect example of someone who wears clothes for themselves rather than men and looks incredibly sexy no matter how stereotypically "unsexy" her clothes may seem.

Q: Will you still have a blog in 5 years and what will it be like?

It's always important to me that the blog continues to grow and I feel that it is an exciting time in terms of online magazines and fashion sites, so maybe the blog could end up expanding one day, who knows. But that's a long way down the line.

Q: Are you a student or what is your career?

I'm a student, at sixth form college. I study English, History and Art; they're the subjects I've loved since, well, before primary school. I've just taken up film studies purely because i'm such a movie nerd!

Q: Pinocchio said, “my nose is about to grow”, what would happen?

Genius question! "After much deliberation".. nothing would happen? Apart from general confusion.


young-shields said...

I thought about that pinocchio one for so long, ha!

And I am taking english and history as two of my a-levels, starting sixth form college tomorrow in fact!

Love the new look, and the jean seberg image caught my eye. Icon and a half ey,

y-s xxx

Ella Gregory said...

Happy 2nd Birthday.
I remember the first time I read your blog, I think the post was on Rachel Bilson. Good times!

And a friend works at Odeon and apparently one pic and mix once was tested and there were 36 different bugs on it, so I would suggest getting pre packaged sweets....
Though maybe people in Bristol have better manners/hygine?

Anonymous said...

happy bithday ! Love your new color and new header !! it's totally different ...

Anna Pope said...

Great answer. Love the new face of the blog!

Syed said...

Happy blog birthday! Love reading questions about blog authors, great post :)

Cicely said...

Crikey i do those subjects, not film studies though.
Didn't realise you're in 6th form, thought you were quite a bit older, which is a compliment. How did you get your work experience?
And happy birthday!

Style Spot said...

Happy blog birthday, Stevie, it's been two great years! It's so fun because it's my blog's 2nd birthday on the 9th, so in a weird kind of way I feel our blogs are somehow related or something haha. Discoteque Chic is one of the blogs I've been reading the longest, and you have never disappointend me one bit! Keep on doing all this great work, you're such a star!


Reena Rai said...

Congratulations chick!! Loved the Q&A, and also the new look. I was most confused, thinking I stumbled upon a different blog!

Bojana said...

I love the pastel, super soft new layout! It's so lovely and nice to look at. Well done :)

E. said...

hey how did you get work experience around here in london? what areas do you hang out in? i was just wondering because we seem so similar haha

Lauren said...


A. said...

happy happy blogbirthday! (is that what theyre calling it now?)

cheers to another two fabulous years, your blog is the one i always click on first & am always the most excited about to see what little things are going on in your lovely head.

which, typically is nearly the same as whats going on in mine but thats just why i adore you so much, non?

& maybe bext year we'll be celebrating it both together in nyc (!)

im busy busy bustling away making your package the absolute best it can be, after all im making up for two birthdays now ;]

loads of love, darling xxxx A.

emsie said...

Stevie, congrats on two years. I love your blog, and stop here every day. Really liked reading this q & a



Irene (capuccinobar) said...

Two years!
Congratulations! I have another question, it may be a secret, but I'll be brave (hahaha); what do you use to make the collages?

Sienna said...

Very informative..happy 2nd!

alluretone said...

oo le smoking- very nice choice. that ysl shot is legend. i loved reading this- one of my favorite blogger of all time. loving the new layout too. i think i need to do something with mine- it's a mess.

Andrea Martínez Maugard said...

What a lovely interview.. Le smoking is my fav outfit ever too!

Style On Track said...

Fantastic interview, I love sneaking a peak into other bloggers lives and see what keeps them inspired. Congratulations on 2 years of wonderful posts, I hope you have MANY more :D

Anonymous said...

wow i never knew you were in sixth form (like me) i do english & history too!
nice interview, love the new look blog too ;)
i wish i had such an amaze work experience, mine was in a office ;/

Michelle said...

Happy second birthday missy. I must have been reading your blog for more than a year now as I remembers your first birthday! Looking forward to more writings from you too, and amazing collages of course ;)

Alya said...

great questions! I'm still getting used to your new blog's look. I keep thinking that I'm coming to the wrong place. hehehe.. :)

Anonymous said...

love the new bloglook and great q&A, i love foam bananas too :)

Mimi said...

Happy Blog bday :D

You're great dear ♥

Kat said...

Happy birthday!

English, history and Art are my favourite subjects too ( i have to study a whole bunch of other ones though).
Love your favourite fashion moment. It is so true what you say, could not agree more, it would be a personal favourite too.
Keep up the good work:-)

Eyeliah said...

Congratulations!! Love the q&a - lol.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! some really interesting and eloquent answers here. if the enterprising drive and intelligence you have shown on this blog is anything to go by, you'll go far in the fashion world. good luck!

The Beauty Mum said...

Loved the Q&A, good luck with your future career plans!