Tuesday, November 11, 2008

long hair in her face, it's friday night on the streets

boots acne, feathered clutch asos, corset dress and jewelled ring, both topshop. opi nail polish in "you don't know jacques!"

and this is the outfit that i shall dream about tonight.
i'm craving the colour combination of plum pink and brown. i've never been a fan of matchy matchy.

things are crazy again, but i'm trying my hardest to keep abreast of comments, so please don't think i'm just ignoring them!


WendyB said...

I was just admiring those boots on the Acne website.

Meghan and Lana said...

I feel like Topshop is just getting better and better these days. Just perfect for those of us living in Canada! ugh.
I love the outfit, simple and to the point... no fuss. Love every part of it.

crystal said...

Love it.

Tinsley said...

No don't worry the editorial is from the new vogue italia issue - i was just saying how i love that they've gone back to their roots

and this outfit....
to quote tyra: fieeerce

ok that's enough...

no but seriously i love the dress. and the clutch. and shoes. and ring. and nailpolish. and everything!

lisa @ luxe said...

Ohhhhh, such a beautiful clutch and this is my new fav colour nail polish!
xoxo from las vegas

Anonymous said...

great dress!

leeselooks said...


ah this is amazing.
and weird thing is i was looking at this clutch at asos.
i am clutch obsessed.
love it.
it might be a good-er.

oh and i have never come across that nail color but i see everyone wearing it!

so frustrated with no topshop :(

you must get that dress.

hope you are well beauty!


AlicePleasance said...

Love the ASOS clutch and the dress in my Topshop wishlist as well :-)

A. said...

i love it all.

talk about boots to swoon over ;]

& that varnish is definitely my favourite of the moment. ill be wearing it all winter.


Fashion Tidbits said...

pink and brown.....interesting.

young-shields said...

hey...i've been contemplating buying this very clutch but i'm not sure if i'd use it enough! love the dress & ring.

y-s x

Anonymous said...

i love the dress! lovely colour!

Natalie said...

Can anyone get me a link to these boots please?

Natalie said...

I got the link up. Those boots are too dear for me! But lovely. You should construct loads of other outfits. You're really good at doing this. I've bought the clutch...seen it on the asos website prior to seeing it on here.

Anonymous said...
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