Tuesday, November 25, 2008

schoolboy fantasties make the cut for paris vogue's calendar

November: Aline WeberJune: Erin Heatherton

images from next year's Paris Vogue annual calendar have just surfaced. while i like the whole "sexy pin up calendar for girls" aspect, (as it kind of gives those calendars of women rolling in oil that you find in garages the finger) I prefer last year's which showed the models covered in colourful body paint. While at a glance it appeared that the models were covered in tattoos, on closer inspection, the illustrations of body organs and naked w
omen were a little high fashion meets frida kahlo.

July: Ali MichaelAugust: Jourdan Dunn

this years' edition is fun enough, with a couple of tongue and cheek poses (see erin heatheron holding her "pussy") but in my eyes, it doesn't live up to last year's standards. The calendar sees
carine's styled interpretations of male fantasties, so naturally we have jourdan dunn decked out in louis vuitton nurse garb, a little questionable as come the new year the outfit will be two seasons out of date.
and gasp! where oh where is lara stone? is anna
selezneva the new girl in town?

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Beba said...

i'm so disappointed.. its not bad. but i would expect a LOT more from this team :/

Irene (capuccinobar) said...

as margot, I'm also a bit disappointed, i don't like too much all "lolita pin-up" thing

lovely writing, as always


Jimena said...

oh... i don't know, I kind of like old-school pin-up photos. Still, I think they could have been done better.

Kimberley Brandsma said...

I agree, I like last year's calender much more.

Chelsea Rae said...

Its sort of late halloween, but as always the models are impeccably styled and photographed, not to mention their obvious beauty.

Hannah Swanwick Illustration said...

I quite like them. But then again, they are somewhat obvious.

Siru said...

I'd love to get it on my hands.

juliet xxx

Andrea Martínez Maugard said...

I like Erin pic, but it's not very original IMO

A. said...

ah, im not quite sure about this one just yet...

i really, really loved last years & no lara?! insanity!

although i am loving that first one with aline.


email soon - promise! XOXO

Elle said...

Weeeeeeeell, last year's one kinda dissapointed me too actually! They both dissappoint me!! Lol!

Miss at la Playa said...

I wish it wasn't so provocative, I would have liked to hang it on my wall... lol

Anonymous said...

Paris Vogue is taking its ideas from Next Top Model now?

Ali ms pic is sooo silly it really does look like "and this is your best shot " from ANTM

Alya said...

I like it (though not too much) because I enjoy the looks of old-school pin-up girls, but I agree it could have been more edgy and not so cliche and sort of a bit cheesy.