Thursday, January 01, 2009

a little look back

even if you want to deny it (who would..?)

these guys were the coolest couple of OH EIGHT.

also see the video which can't be embedded..
does anyone fancy writing a short poem about this awesome twosome?

rhyming isn't optional!


A. said...

i really, really hate to say this but there is something about her that i really do not like.

i dont know what, because its obvious shes got killer style & is gorgeous but when she talks theres something left to be desired. something about her seems fake, almost as if she thinks shes just too cool for everyone else.

ha, im going to get so much crap for this i just know.


Fashion Tidbits said...

oh wow. definitely an amazing couple. i love how they bounce ideas off each other.

Unknown said...

those two are absolutely adorable. their names even fit together. erin and alex. wasson and wang.

Siru said...

Yeah, you just must love them.

juliet xxx

Anonymous said...

i agree with a.
i just don't get the hype around erin. average looks, average style. and she doesn't sound too bright ether...does anyone else remember her comment about homeless people having the best style?

A. said...

oh, yes. i do. i did a little research & apparently, on youtube, im not the only one with odd feelings about erin.


Anonymous said...

they work amazing together..awesome video!