Monday, February 02, 2009

in hiding

this is a quick note to say that for once, I'm going to lower the blog down my priority list.
my tutors all got bored and thought it would be laugh to set a bazillion deadlines for this week.
hilarious, i'm dying with laughter.

anyway, i have so many emails i'm putting off replying to and everything feels a bit unmanagable, so sincere apologies that I'm being a bit shit on the communication front!
so this week, things will be pretty quiet, I'm craving posts that actually have some nutritious fashion content rather than just being collages/images so hopefully when I'm back it'll be with something a bit more worthy.

otherwise, i've had a fantastic weekend of socialising with my lovely newish friends and a little adventure that involved getting carried away dancing to upbeat jazz and therefore missing the last train home.

for fun.. let's all write an anonymous little something in the comment box. a little joke or embarrassing story for stress relief or a little rant. I'll pop my own in there too.
until next week!


Make Do Style said...

I hate my wardrobe at the moment I don't know if that's because its so cold or what - it is such a nightmare when you have wardrobe hate and no money

Irene (capuccinobar) said...

ohh, i'm in the same situation.
i've let my blog on stand by for two weeks, the history test takes most of my time, duh


good luck with your exaams :)

kathymlee said...

ugh i know the feeling.
good luck with catching up, can't wait til you get back :)

i just started working a few hours a week doing filing and other blah stuff in an office...everyone is older and more sophisticated than me and today whilst walking back to my desk from the photocopier i slipped on a piece of paper and fell. in a heap.
ohhh the embarrassment.


S* said...

I love your navy stripes tee!!

^^ Study!!


Siru said...

Oh, that sucks. School sucks!

juliet xxx

Flavia Flanders said...

what a cute photo!!

Anonymous said...

Here is my rant. I cannot stand the people who I've been coming across who enjoy dumbing themselves down, that think reading a book makes you a nerd (which apparently is uncool), that have no interest in working hard/creating goals for themselves. That talk in alot of slang and talk about nothing of value. Gah they frustrate me to no end. Hate. But love this post, good luck with the studies :) xx

Anonymous said...
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jessica said...

i totally understand, and frankly i should do the same .

i'll leave my anonymous comment later ;]


Anonymous said...

rant for the day: (thanks for opening up the comments, great timing, i need to rant haha ;)

i went out to dinner with an old friend from high school tonight at a restaurant i sort of said i would have dinner at with two other friends tomorrow. i obviously can't go twice, so after telling one friend this, she punishes me by inviting two of our other friends in replacement of me (including one of our friends i have a major crush on). i was initially planning to have dinner with him anyway (the crush) and now she took him. and when i tried to invite myself back in she refused to let me go...


witch! (rhymes w/....)

Emily said...

ugh i have midterms this week. not stopping me from spending hours on the internet! haha oops

discotheque confusion said...

Ah, these are some embarrassing stories indeed! Esp in the case of Letsgetsandy, though hopefully you just laughed it off ala campbell!

jayne.. what a witch indeed! Though I must say there have been times when I've eaten at the same restaurant two nights in a row. Only because of convenience though, so that's my excuse..

Uberoriginal.. how do these people not know that nerds are cool. Infact nerds are so cool that they've come full circle from uncool to cool and being championed by hipsters and therefore then not cool and well, I feel a little disorientated just thinking about it?

So seems like everyone was confident enough to not have to go anonymous! Would be good if we could go anonymous though.

Ps, Make Do Style.. I'm in the same position.. the snow has compromised the make up of any outfit I feel nice in.. ah layering can be a chore!

Anonymous said...

Heres one:

I don't understand the Big Deal with Lara Stone.


Girl Next Blog said...

Your blog is pretty cool!

I'm going to follow you.


Anonymous said...

loving your blog. a must read hun :)
you live in london right? help me on my latest post!

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Good luck with studying.
School is kicking my a** too...only lack of sleep keeps me updating my blog.

A. said...
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A. said...

my little contribution;

ive just varnished my nails with the prettiest coral shade.

its made me feel very 70s, like i should be out lounging in the grass, bathing in the hot sun, getting tanned, barefoot in high waisted jean shorts, no top on & round sunnies.

it reminds me of that coral colour of lippy all the girls used to wear with their tanned tanned skin.

& i think im kindof in love with it, hee.

love you! x

Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) said...

your tutor sucks! hope the study goes well! cute photo though! :)

xx love LM

filthy lust said...

hope your stress passes soon.