Saturday, February 28, 2009

A weekend of Fashion Frolicks

I have a confession to make; while there was so much I wanted to post about this week, (the amazing london shows, anyone?) I somehow created a mental blogging block and just couldn't write. But finally here is a not at all brief summary of last weekend in London. Without getting all Miss World, I usually sigh when I read about the likes of Rumi and Camille off galivanting at Fashion Week, so it was rather amazing to be able to have some of my own fashion frolicks and the icing on the cake was meeting Chloe Sevigny! Eeh.

thursday: LOVE reading, yvan confusion.
arriving in london feeling a little flustered after an uncomfortable coach journey and a loss of enthusiasm over the outfit I was wearing, I headed straight to beyond retro for my traditional scout and stocking up on vintage finds. I also wanted to see if I could find some alternative outfit options for both the Topshop Unique show on Sunday but also to the Opening Ceremony Party that I would fingers crossed be popping along to on Friday. alas, the £72 sized gap on my debit card signalled a successful trip. To counteract all of that terribly draining work (!) I went across the road to Le Pain de Quotidien, where I indulged (or buried my head financially further into the sand, depending on your stance) in a homemade limeade and a scone while I people watched and flicked through my new copy of Love Magazine.

Now this is where things get bizarrely interesting.. I spot across the road this fantasticly dressed girl prancing along the pavement. She has a high blonde ponytail, is quite curvy and Swedish looking and is wearing a denim shirt in a way that actually looks refreshingly clean and simple. I then notice Yvan the Facehunter spot her and he starts to chase her and I just sit there slurping at my Limeade smiling to myself at witnessing this all unfold until for whatever reason she shakes her head at him when he approaches and he leaves pictureless. Then he starts to walk up the pavement towards me and as he is about to pass I saw to him that it's a shame that he didn't manage to get that picture because her outfit was so well put together. He shrugged in a slightly blunt way and said that she was in a rush which happens slightly and then looked at my notepad where I had been noting down the swedish girl's outfit. He asked in a tone which sounded rather rude "Do you write character studies because you aren't good at sketching, because you are too poor to afford a camera?" I looked at him a little confused, not understanding whether there was some kind of language barrier or whether he was just an eccentric type skirting the line between sarcastic and rude. I told him I couldn't understand whether he was taking the piss and he ignored this and asked what I did, to which I replied I'm a student and blogger, which didn't seem to interest him. Either way, we parted amicably and I stayed sat there for a few minutes trying to mull over in my mind what had just happened and kind of laughing to myself at his apparent high opinion of himself and his quickness to put me down for writing in a diary which was clearly not as worthy as his photography. ay, ay, ay..

I put this strange encounter behind me, resolving to get some "Yvan testimonies" from some fashion folk over the course of the weekend who might be able to enlighten me into his personality.

friday: red lippie and chloe sevigny
after two days of two and froing texts between myself and jeanie resulting in a confirmation that we would indeed be hitting up Chloe Sevigny's Opening Ceremony launch party at the Double Club and I let myself get ridiculously excited; it'd put off any mad jumping up and down action on the off chance that it wouldn't happen. As anyone will know, I worship at the Church of Chloe and after a sunny afternoon spent wandering the streets of Primrose Hill, I headed back to Oxford St to splash out on my first red lippie from Chanel. I didn't want to overthink what to wear to the party as I knew it may induce a panic attack and therefore plumped to go down the Jen Brill route of bold lips. Met Jeanie and her lovely mates Sarah and Fotis at Angel and off to the Double Club we all trudged where we spent the rest of the evening tutting at the expensive wine, feeling smug about the long line of people waiting outside and nudging each other everytime Bay Garnett walked past until finally Chloe made an appearance and we snapped and gasped. Jeanie very kindly obliged to act as photographer when I plucked up my courage to ask Chloe Sevigny for a picture. I knew that if I didn't, I would forever regret it and quite possibly one day turn into one of those ghosts who haunts and scares the bejesus out of people just to make of for their life "losses".

Thankfully she was obliging and kind but rather unthankfully we both look rather moody and not entirely flattered in the picture.

We left early to catch the last tube home and passed Henry Holland on the way out, and sticking to my blogger promise to take plenty of photos, I asked for his only to be greeted with a coiffed and "cooler than thou" exterior. What a charmer.

others spotted at the double club: pat mcgrath, bay garnett, katy england and bobby gillespie, camilla al fayed, alexis taylor, phoebe arnold, henry holland

saturday: i spy kate lanphear at topshop unique
Sticking to my "keep it simple" dressing philosophy, I scraped my hair into a high bun, pulled on a grey rollneck, body con mini, flats and swiped on a faithful flash of red lippie and channelled my inner beatnik at the Topshop Unique show. Along with Disneyrollergirl, the loveley Hayley from the Topshop online team, and Michelle (as well as her Prince Barry) from Kingdom of Style we waited restlessly in line for the show to start as the likes of Daisy Lowe, Pixie Geldof sauntered past to go inside. With an expectation of nebula graphics and a general Peter Pilotto style ode to galaxies, I was a little disappointed by this season's Unique collection which leaned a little too much in the direction of Nu Rave Clubkid with Neons and glowsticks, though some of the big knitted cardigans had the potential to look lovely in a most pared down context. For me, the collection was a little harsh on the senses, though I'm always interested to see which standpoint designers will take during this economic climate; unabashed antidotal denial ala Marc Jacobs or sombre and pared down ala Armand Basi? In this case, the design team settled for the former.

others spotted at the unique show: karlie kloss, alexandra shulman, kate lanphear, pixie geldof, daisy lowe, susie bubble


Anonymous said...

ooo! i am just so jealous right now, your weekend sounds fantastic, even better than I could imagine! Chloe looks so chic, you two make a stylish duo! and that yvan exchange is so hilarious & overly amusing!

Alice X said...

wow i am SOO jealous but i would feel totally intimidated, but still, good for you to ask for pictures:)

A La Mode said...

Wow it sounds like you had the most amazing time! I'm so jealous about Chloe! I love her shoes, and her of course x

Toni said...

aw that sounds so fun-
cant believe yvan was quite rude though!
love the pics

Christina said...

Love you're blog! Sarah (who you went to the Double club with) mentioned it to me. Sounds like you had a great fashion week!

Much love
Christina xx

Anonymous said...

you look like you had a great time :)
love the blog


jeanie annan-lewin said...

gosh i take a good photo NO ha ha ha dont mind Yvan ill tell you a story about him sometime xx

WendyB said...

That story about Yvan makes him sound should I say this...a real class act.

BetwixtandBetween said...

your so lucky! I would love to go to Topshop Unique... i'm a bit upset about henry holland! i always imagined him to be really nice. i think the yvan thng is funny though... really like the blog :)

Pretty Guide of Art said...

you became one of my must reads, your blog is great.
kisses, Pretty Guide.

Meghan and Lana said...

oh you two make a lovely pair. i love the shot of the models unbraiding their hair .. just another day at work !

Anonymous said...

yvan is very very rude when he feels somebody seems to start conversation with him with self confidence... I think he has low self esteem. but don't care about that! :)

Erik said...

I'm jealous of you right now because you have your copy of Love. I really love Katie Grand, no pun intended. Please visit my blog if you want.

i am myriade said...

wow i need that copy of love magazine-

i just came across your blog btw and i looove it.

you're so lucky you met chloe!!! :)

Givenchy Blog said...

Oh, count me in with the jealous bunch! Henry Holland is just plain of the main reason's I love everything thing he does lol. i think I'd die if I ever ran into him.

hannah-rose said...

oh what an experience! chloe is stunning, and i am very jealous of your london trip, it sounded absolutely fabulous (for want of a better expression). the red lippie looks great too, chanel will never let you down.


Lauren Goddard said...

You lucky lucky devil! It must have been amazing. I can't believe I only just stumbled across your blog.

x x x

Michelle said...

This is such a great Sunday read! You and your bff Chloe both looks impecabble;) and the OC party looks a lot of fun!

young-shields said...

wow this sounds so wonderful! i would tend to agree with you about topshop unique, what a peter pilotto rip i thought to myself...

anyway i think you and chloe look really quite cool in that picture, you are so lucky to meet her!

yvan sounds a bit strange. i suppose hes too used to everyone telling him how great he is!

y-s x

Siru said...

Omg, You're so lucky with all that happened!

juliet xxx

Emma Lavelle said...

Very very jealous, your london trip looks amazing, and as if you met Chloe!! xx

jessica said...

AH you luckyluckylucky girl .
so lucky .
im happy that you met chloe :]:]


A. said...

ah, finally i get to see some snaps!

you look so pretty & its sounds like you hit the nail with all those last minute outfit decisions.

im desperately feeling the unnerving urge to do some major vintage scouring myself - youll have to let me know what all you found!

& how odd about yvan! though it doesnt really surprise me as ive heard so many stories like yours before, i think its just got to be a mix of the language barrier & his snottiness. though i feel like giving him a piece of my mind for treating you like that! grr.

& must i add how much i love it that you carry a little notebook around with you. i need to start one myself. im always forgetting little things that i see & reading things i want to remember. plus, ive always just thought it was the coolest thing to always have a little moleskin notebook in your bag...

the OC party looked todiefor! oh to mingle with so many lovelies in one room! & the chloe dream - i would have given anything to see your reaction, hee.

too bad alexa & rosheen werent at the TSU show. but another kate spotting nearly makes up for it, no?

love xxxx

home girl said...

i loved reading your stories about the highs and lows of your fash week adventures. i feel certain that this wont be the last time you will be hanging with chloe. golly jeepers can't get her shoes out of my mind!

Queen Michelle said...

I think Yvan forgets he takes photos of people in the street. Testino he isn't.

May Kasahara said...

I am most jealous of your weekend!

Audrey Leighton said...

this is amazing.
so envious you got to meet chloe!
i frickin love her!
I went to LFW too, I think its amazing that bloggers are actually being given the opportunities to experience first hand what they write about!


sunni said...

i'm so excited for you that you got to take a snap with chloe! and as for yvan...maybe french sarcasm translates into pure snottiness when expressed in english.

Unknown said...

wooow cool pics, congratulations!!! said...

Excellent report and lovely to hang out with you and the gang. I'm so jealous of your red jacket :(

Also, those last few pix really capture the LFW vibe, don't you think?