Saturday, February 07, 2009

six unknown facts

I used to live in a caravan with my dad
I slept in a bunk bed with my face 2 inches from the ceiling, but couldn't sleep if there was a spider in my room. Me and my Dad had bonfires at night and I had to use an outdoor toilet. He cooked pasta and pesto until I was sick of it and he'd keep me awake at night by playing Michael Nyman's album too loud. But I look back at these days with really fond memories. I think it's why I love Caravan Girl by Goldfrapp so much


I'm a supersuper fast walker
It's a habit born out of a lot of late rushing and solo walks. when i'm with friends I generally get a lots of fierce calls of "hey, slow down!"

Pretentiousness scares me.
Being called pretentious is one of the ultimate insults...someone once said I looked like a hipster and I was mortified! And that explains my love/hate relationship with hipsters.

My first "fashion memory"
Was a pair of pocahontis leggings when I was about 6. pretty rad!

99% of the time I shop solo.
I don't really see the need to ask the opinions of others, even my closest friends on whether or not to buy something. Though when you have friends with identical taste it's more satisfying!

I feel like 2009 is going to be a great year.
After a really shitty patch a couple of years ago with the girls at my school, of dreading going to school each morning (and often crying before I'd even got there) I feel I've found myself a fantastic group of friends, all in different places. There's Abby over in NC, and the lovely girls at college as well as BFF Lily (though we started out as enemies aged 4).
The end of college, Glastonbury Festival and my first holiday with just friends to Corfu...throw in a bit of Obama and my eighteenth and things are shaping up pretty good!


jeanie tagged me, now abby, tinsley, coco, deex, maria allure, jessica. oh what the hell, everyone! consider yourselves tagged.


this wheel's on fire said...

i really loved reading these 6 things...i love that they really reveal things about you, not just like "i like coffee" haha

Siru said...

I shop solo too. Or with mom, No one else focuses just on me :D.

juliet xxx

Kimberley Brandsma said...

I'm a really fast walker too! And I can shop better alone too.8)

young-shields said...

really good version of a tag post! maybe you're just an interesting person i suppose!

y-s x

Bojana said...

Caravan girl?? Really? That sounds so interesting!

Oh and I always shop alone. I need so much time to decide on wether or not to buy something , that a LOT of patience is needed. Plus no one has the same style as me so yeah...

I enjoyed reading this! very cool

Susana Rodrigues said...

Hi :)

I also shop solo most of the times! I really prefer to shop alone (I hate when I'm trying to buy something and my friends/hubby want me to rush!)

Regarding 2009: I'm doing everything possible to make it a great year!

Love and kisses

M. R. P. M. said...

I love that one of your first style memories is pocahontis related. As mine is too! My mum made me the best one shoulder indian dress ever.

I totally agree with you about the dellal hair. Its ab fabulous, and it requires a bit more guts than the Agyness so even if it does become huge I will have respect for the people who try it.

So love your blog!


Alice X said...

aww, this is really interesting, i love these facts. i have a lovehate realationship with hipsters as well.

S* said...

i only go shopping on my own now. There is only one person in the world who can come with me... my best friend, but she's in US at the moment and it's a bit difficult!


Anonymous said...

great list! i'm glad things are working out for you socially, I had some rough years where I just was dying to move on but had to play along just so I wasn't totally an outcast, now I've found a good group of friends at university, that continues to amuse and amaze me daily, I seem to be growing closer to everyone, and genuinley want to spend time with all of them. even our minor dramas are so much better than anything before

i also walk very quickly, one of my friends recognized me the other day due to my intense walk haha

oh god being called a hipster is very embarrassing, i almost was called one once as a joke, it was awful haha, hence my love/hate relationship

Emma said...

this was great! I also shop solo/walk fast lol

home girl said...

the caravan story sounds so romantic & bohemian. are you really turning 18? wowzers such a sophistocated poppet you are xx

H A N N A H . M A Y . R O S E . † said...

I love your blog! && was wondering if you wanted to exchange links?
let me know!
♥ Hannah

PS: I have a fashion competition on my blog - maybe you'd like to enter? take a look: ♥

hippyhippychic said...

just a quick note to say i have followed your blog for over a year and it continues to impress me!

i have recently started my own blog and only hope its one day up to the standards of discotheque confusion!

Anonymous said...

I hope your 2009 is as amazing as you hope - it sounds like it will be! I love reading about your young caravan life - it sounds so fun, and is something really interesting to learn about you, instead of, like ThisWheelsOnFire said, 'i like coffee'.
P.S. Would you like to trade links?

Flavia Flanders said...

Lovely photos, they are so cute!.

IƱaki said...

1 scary fact:
I share all four facts with you. It's weird reading about it, like you just read my mind.


Make Do Style said...

Love the facts particularly as I'm a fast walker and lived in a caravan with my dad too!! Plus solo shopping is the only way to go.

A. said...

what a lovely post, my deer!

that caravan story was absolutely divine. what nice memories to have!

solo shopping is me all the way. if i like it - thats all that matters.

it'll be hard to top these 6, but i'll try


A. said...

ps, i completely forgot to say thank you thank you for the sweet shoutouts!


love you loads, xo

Elle said...

I prefer shopping alone too! Cause I hate following other people's rhythm. Like I feel I have to slow down or speed up.

Being w/ the bf is diff. He's much more obliging and carries stuff! Lol.

Btw, I've been a reader of ur blog since the early days and wondering if you'd link me?

Happy 09 Stevie!

Anna Pope said...

I really enjoyed reading these. I'm also a fast walker, but that's because I always wear heels and I can't walk slowly in them for some strange reason :P

Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) said...

great post! i am there with you on fast walker (i am a freak manic fast walker) Pretentiousness is one of my BIGGEST hates! and i LOVE to shop solo too..or with my sister cos i can tell her to piss off (haha) when i want and know in 2 mins time we have both forgotten about it (i love that about family! there is no bitchy bullshit, straight forward).

great post love!

xxx lM

Stefanie said...

WOAH about the caravan thing. That's awesome.

WilliamsWest said...

I'm a super fast walker as well!!! and I get the 'slow down' from my friends all the time as well...

oh well, I can't help that I have super long legs...hehe

|dollface| @

Anonymous said...

i'm going through one of the worst junctures of life (so it seems) in regards to friendships and where it's going...but reading the part about how 2009 is looking up for you and how you've been able to overcome everything, it really made me feel better and gave me hope for myself because hopelessness is probably one of the worst things next to loneliness. so, thanks for sharing that personal piece. and you're eighteen!? i always thought you were 20+ xxxx

jessica said...

wow, this is so interesting .
i absolutely love number 1, it's really cool .

& by jessica i think you were referring to me ? hah, i think/hope so :]


Anonymous said...

im sorry about those girls.. i really am girls can be such bitches! i hope you have a fantastic 2009.. love your blog x

M said...

this was such a delightful read! Thanks for sharing!

megan said...

I love "caravan girl" by Goldfrapp too! even though I haven't actually lived in a caravan...

megan /

A. said...

i need to get to work on this!

& now that i look back to that image of chloe (youve met her!) my pants look almost identical - save for a higher, tighter waistband.

i cant wait to show them off. they go quite perfectly with that little mustard sweater you so adore, hee!

loveyouloveyou! x