Monday, March 02, 2009

holidays are coming

Magazine: Marie Claire Italia March 2009

Editorial: Trancoso – Brasile 20/11/2008

Photographer: David Bellemere

Models: Tiiu Kuik & Michelle Buswell

spring is in the air today; there is that beautiful sunny haziness, the kind that gets you through winter just thinking about it.

I'm wearing a big striped breton sweater, a super short skirt and plimsolls.

my friend said I look like I should be on the french riviera.

I wish I was!


Alya said...

well, the weather is awful over here.. I have yet to see any sign of spring! Lucky you!

Fashionista Diary said...

i want spring time too!!!! i want to be on the french riviera too.. pfff ^^ xo

Irene (capuccinobar) said...

Ahh, so do I...

PS: sorry for my late reply to your email, you know exams :S haha


lady stardust said...

its autumn in buenos aires:(
cute pictures!


Eyeliah said...

oh you have me dreaming of Summer, Spring is here in less than 3 weeks. :-)

Flavia Flanders said...

Amazing photoshoot, love the tones of the images.

Lola-Elise said...

love ALL the images.

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A. said...

ooh, the outfit sounds lovely!

& this editorial is dreamy, too bad theres snow on the ground here.

i do love it though...

mwahmwah, x

Tinsley said...

i just had a recent flick through the style site and the c kane collection is really intriguing - kane always manages to do something new. i always wondered if he would just be known for the bright dresses in the beginning but there are some pieces i really love in this collection! thanks for the heads up

and lucky you! i cant believe you met chloe sevigny - dream come true! ive read all your recent posts and london seems so fun right now. i want to go!
ps. from your info yvan seems kind of snobby. he missed out on taking your picture ;)

style munch said...

i love this editorial.
it looks so tranquil

Cristi said...

sooo sweet =]