Monday, March 23, 2009

panic on the streets of london panic on the streets of birmingham


clockwise from left: tee by Rodebjer, $100; ring by kimberley mcdonald, £3,530; clutch by yves saint laurent, £820; frilly vest by topshop, £16; pleat trousers by lanvin, £560; marc jacobs heels, £425

I cannot describe to you the desperation I am currently feeling to buy myself this pile of clothes (or hell, to have thrown at me in the least dignified and most degrading way necessary). searching for the perfect pair of pegleg trousers on the high street is fruitless and I think my best option is a train ticket to Cos in London.

I found a quote on
flora's box which makes the reality that it will not be at least 15 years until I can afford such beauties mildly less painful:

' lack of money is no obstacle. lack of an idea is an obstacle.'
by ken hakuta.


Jane said...

I would love to have this outfit too! Love the tee and the trousers. Its so bloody hard to find a really great pair on the high-street

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AlicePleasance said...

Ditto. I'm trying so hard to find the perfect pants too!

ChristingC said...

that ring is amazing! been meaning to widen my ring collection/getting a ring collection!!

thimbles and gingham said...

that quote is lovely. i shall live my life by it, or, at least until payday!

IKS said...

great quote :) beautiful ring :)

Miss at la Playa said...

I love the eyelashes t-shirt

Anonymous said...

Brooklynfluff said...

It's true, I'm on a similar hunt for those pants, so far I've tried Zara, they have a few options but nothing perfect.

Natalie said...

Really good post. I love when you put an outfit together. Just wish I could afford all the stuff!Xx

Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

i love all these things. i'm searching for a pair of pants just like those, but am also comign to the realization that any good pair if way out of my price range
love you blog

lydia said...

that is one amazing outfit. perfect for spring.

AND that is one amazing quote! i totally believe that.

young-shields said...

yes. yes. yes. yes. yes. yes.

perfectttttt y-s x

whole in. said...

gah! im searching for pants like that too!
its so hard! hopefully sydney has an abundance!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

I really, really love that t-shirt but yes, it sold out. I'm in a mood to buy tons of new clothe stoo but atlas, can't!

Anonymous said...

i love the shoes. and that song is my ANTHEM

Pilar said...

your blog is so cool!
i love it♥

take a look at mine if you want
a kiss from argentina

Ella Gregory said...

The top, ring, shoes and trousers are to die for. I could live without the topshop top and the YSL clutch I think, but they do bring a lovely element to this look.
And I'm sure you'll be able to afford this sooner than in 15 years, maybe 10? he he
x x x

... said...

the ring is amazing!

-new louboutin for barneys
and marc jacobs engaged
in my blog

A. said...

oh, i love it alll!

especially that adorable little eyelash tee & the brilliant lanvin (i die) trousers.

oh yes & i found these;

that i thought you might like (winkwink) whilst browsing & debating myself wether cheap knockoffs are really the way to go no matter how lovely the fringed wang ones im lusting after are...


ps, not sure if it was intentional but the title of this seems to fit the both of us perfectly, though im hoping its not as hellish over there as its been here, hee! love you doll!

Kylie said...

Those Marc heels are killlah! Love them, and the trousers... and the tee! Lets just I love everything!

ps- Nice title;D hang the DJ is a great song!

Linda/ W29Showroom said...

Hi there!
Excellent blog! I can see that you like Rodebjer, So do we!=) Check out some pics from the last runway show! Have a great day!