Thursday, May 28, 2009

thou shalt not dance to the macarena

We had our Leavers May Ball on Tuesday night; a sad but exciting signifier of the end of college. Unlike our Prom a couple of years ago which saw me and my friends meticulously planning the 'perfect' dress and hairstyle, this time round we took a more laid back approach which paid off because the actual ball was awful, and a complete waste of money!

However, the getting ready process, which involved us all lounging on my bed listening to Peter, Bjorn and John with the summery air coming through my window was much more enjoyable.

In terms of my outfit, I wanted to go down the Virgin Suicides inspired route of something floral and floaty but nonetheless easy, and ended up saving £ by borrowing it from my Granny and pulling it in at the waist with some black ribbon. Going for an intentional floral clash I wore my new lace up Vagabond wedges, and wore my hair down and unbrushed (i like to think ala Marion Cotillard at the Baftas.)

Curious to know if anyone else has had their May Balls/Proms yet, and what you wore?


the inspiration..


Cindy said...

you look so lovely. great inspiration, you totally embraced it.

Lola-Elise said...

ohmiii...this is gorgeous..i really LOVE it..and i think your door is wayy cool!

Lola. :)

Jaclyn Johnson said...

love it! you look amazing!

Anonymous said...

wow really unique inspiration, I never would've thought to go the VS route but you look amazing. I love your dress, where did you find that beauty? My school allowed you to attend prom twice so the first year was a big deal and the second was way more laid back and fun like yours

Meream said...

What a fantastic inspiration. Love that movie.

Unknown said...

So pretty Stevie! I think you should just keep your Gran's dress... Those school balls are always such a waste of time. I remember thinking my Debs was the best night of my life and the next morning I realised that I had just been drunk and it was possibly one of the WORST nights of my life, including everything from a bouncer getting bottled by gatecrasher and someone turning up in the same dress as me.

Hadley said...

awwww really pretty and summery :)

jessica said...

basically .... you look fcking gorge .

Annie said...

i just watched the virgin suicides! have you read the book? it's stellar, i recommend it if you haven't.

but anyways... your dress is totally VS and way cool.

Shen-Shen said...

I love your dress!

And my prom is on June 12th.. Ahhh I'm so excited!

young-shields said...

Why are organised school/college proms always so awful? And yet in the US they seem to have the time of their lives, ha ha!

You look LOVELY!

Faith said...

Like the dress...kind of jealous you can get shoes from vagabond(they don't ship here) prom I wore the DKNY ikat print strapless dress&peeptoes&went a forties route&prom didn't actually suck as much as I thought it would.were you ever under that intense/annoying pressure to find a date?blegh.

Anonymous said...


Marnie said...

you look so lovely and floaty <3
i especially love the side on photo; you're all gathered in your room drinking and getting ready.
mmm x

Femstar2000 said...

I love the WHOLE look. So much better than my prom attire. I love it.

Unknown said...


Style Wanderer said...

your right on trend, the femininity and theres something romantic about it which i love - stunning

Sodapop said...

very nice!! I really like it. My prom is on June 11th, I've bought a Jonathan Saunders for Topshop black dress, but now I'm going crazy looking for some good shoes!

Alya said...

I wrote a post about my senior (high school) prom recently. I didnt have a college one, and I dont know if I would have repeated the experience. I guess one is enough for me.