Saturday, June 13, 2009

en why see shenanigans

let's close our eyes and take an imaginary street tour of new york.
(..wait you'll need to open them again to actually read this)
and meet some people as we wander, and look at their clothes.
just for the sake of saturday daydreaming!
lesley arfin on her bike.
i love lesley arfin. she's all tattooed and mouthy looking on the outside but you just know that if you burst into tears she'd be the first to give you a big hug and take you to the bathroom some dmc.*

*deep meaningful conversation, just incase that got lost in translation
just because these guys are cute as pie and totally flyy.
also because she has the idea with the army jacket. they're the perfect alternative to denim on a summers night.
just to clarify, are scrunchies making a comeback?
because right now, i'm thinking that wouldn't be an awful thing..

pics: arab parrot (another one for you to add to the list)


Wendy said...

It called a d&m, not a dmc.
Get it right and you can lose the footnote.

jessica said...

i think dmc makes more sense .
aaaand i think i should be bffs with those ladies .
TOO AWESOME, i miss nyc .

Unknown said...

haha...i do believe scrunchies are making a comeback- have you checked out American Apparel lately? scrunchies galore!

discotheque confusion said...

yeah, maybe the "dmc/d&m" idea varies depending on the country!

and lauren, it's funny you say that because I was thinking about the scrunchie, wondering what I thought about a possible revival and in the end concluded it may be a bit too AA. clearly they're ahead of the game!

Emma said...

we generally say d&m (and actualy say "dee-en-em" haha. And I LOVE scrunchies. try them!

Meream said...

are scrunchies back? coz i'd make a million! haha seriously, i have a lot of fabric scraps.

Anonymous said...

in japan scrunchies have been everywhere for a couple of years, and i have been going back and forth whether i should actually get one. i guess it's been two years, so i should probably let myself splurge and get one.

my take: it looks too frou-frou-y for a formal outfit, especially when they're black or white and have jewels on them. however, a floral or simple (and not too "poofy") scrunchie holding a low side ponytail is rather cute.

Anonymous said...

This really takes me back to the summer I spent in NY. isn't it the most wonderful city in the world?! :)

Isabel said...

Really wishing I could go back to NYC right now.

Lesley Arfin is boss.

dw said...

lesley arfin is pretty amazing. though, i vote no on the scrunchie. why must everything be revived? sigh.

The Beauty Mum said...

Euw, no to scrunchies but yes to grey-hoodie-denim- shirt juxtapositioning!

The Beauty Mum said...

Euw, no to scrunchies but yes to grey-hoodie-denim- shirt juxtapositioning!


haha love this post
totally agree about lesley
my mum better start making me some scrunchies again ha x

grace said...

absolutely yes to scrunchies. champion the comeback, lady

Alya said...

no no noooooo.. no scrunchies please!

By the way, I've got beautiful pearl earrings to give away over at my blog. Come check them out :)

Anonymous said...

not sure about the scrunchie comeback
i would suspect a giant confident attitude would be in order for them to work
love those loafers though!

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