Saturday, July 11, 2009

back in blighty

yesterday, after an early morning swim in the warm sea and a final perfect breakfast spread, I dragged myself away from the little village of benitses in corfu and returned home.

as much as I miss the beautiful landscape and the crazy characters that my friends and I met, it feels good to be back. my inbox is overflowing and there is much catching up to be done, but that is the best part.
quite how it is possible that the fashion world has decided within the space of a week that thigh high boots are compulsory for winter and that
isabel luca
is the it girl of the moment, I don't know (but hey, so far I'm not objecting.)


Anonymous said...

loving ittttt
gorgeous and antique style photos
loving the giant straw hahaa
so much fun!

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WendyB said...

That's some crazy straw action!

Ingrid (Garments and Gardens) said...

seemed you had a great time, i lvoe the floral dress and the matching sandals of the last picture

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness! Sounds like a blast of a time! I am just a bit jealous..but don't worry it's just a bit. Hahahaha. I love the picture of the person drinking out the long straw. The palm tree picture at the bottom is super cool too!
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Anonymous said...

love your hat!

Mayra said...

love the pictures, the first one is very "runaround" :)

emsie said...

love these snaps! more outfit pics please!


IƱaki said...

I love the pictures. And I do because there's something so cool about them that I can't describe...


Emma Lavelle said...

love your photos, seems like you had a good holiday! xx

Hari K said...

ooh my!!!! you were in greece?!!??
too bad i didn't know it earlier as i'm greek and also read your blog frequently...
i could give you some info!
hope you had a great time!

the SoHo symposium

A. said...

oh, you are going to be so annoyed with me for saying this but i cant help but think of the quicksand video with that (gorgeous) tree that looks like a pineapple & those fancy drinks, hee!

also i must add how in love i am with that floral, straw hat, canvas bag getup. purrrfection, darling. you look gorgeous!


A. said...

ps, i agree with mayra - the top pic is sooo runaround!!

Isabel said...

Hope you had an excellent vacation!