Tuesday, July 28, 2009

the blogger files

two sites to add to that ever growing catalogue of must-check blogs...


TWO REASONS TO HEART VIVA VENA CAVA: 1. The Brooklyn based designers share what is currently making their hearts flutter as opposed to using the page as a medium to shove Vena Cava brand down our throats (though in any case, I think I'd open my mouth quite happily). 2. The content is pleasingly meaty; a review for a cult film here, a behind the scenes look at business trips/birthday parties, and lots of mouthwatering textiles.
YOU'LL BE INSPIRED TO: buy alternative lifestyle interiors books from the 1970s and do whatever you can do to secure a job working in as lovely an environment with people as interesting and cool as the Vena Cava girls.
ANYTHING ELSE? Designers Sophie and Lisa have included their own playlists in the sidebar so you too can listen to the very music that plays in their office as the latest VC pieces come into fruition.

URL: stylelikeu.com
TWO REASONS TO HEART STYLEULIKE: 1. Just as our thirst for nosey The Selby-esque sites increases, luckily so do the amount of wardrobe raiding, apartment trespassing hoodlum bloggers. Elisa and Lily's StyleLikeU is a perfect example. 2 the two have the ever so tiresome job of hanging out in closets with various New Yorkers going through the owner's favourite pieces. Not only do they give us photos to gawp over- the whole thing is filmed too!
reorganise your wardrobe, go vintage shopping or generally replicate the entire look of your favourite style case studies.

I really like Alexa Winner and Sophie Flinder, so you might want to start looking at the style of those guys.


Emma Lavelle said...

is that url correct, i couldn't find the site? xx

Sarah Von Bargen said...

Awesome! More to add to my ever increasing Google reader. :)

lydia said...

these sound absolutely amazing. definitely checking them out!!

Anonymous said...

omg the second blog makes me so excited, thanks for finding these Stevie!

Isabel said...

The url for the second blog isn't working.

discotheque confusion said...

Sorry everybody, I messed up the second link. The site is actually called StylelikeU rather than the rather uncool "StyleUlike" as I typed it!

It's all fixed now though so have a look.

Anonymous said...

hmm... love this thread ))