Saturday, July 11, 2009

conde nast chic

Vogue UK is the latest addition to the gloriously growing list of brand blogs out there. They may not have office bunnies or drunken snaps from their staff parties like they do over at Love (but hey, they're Vogue, they don't do naughty), but they're just as willing to show us the fashion cupboard and model casting mood board. Hallelujah!

Now let the behind the scenes, what-they-wear-to-work posts begin. They've already whet my appetite for Conde Nast Chic with a couple of in-the-office DIYed trouser close ups. Splendid.

Click here for a read of the Vogue UK blog


Fashion Cappuccino said...

I love reading about what fashion magazine staff wears and their daily life at the office. I think I'd rather work at love though :-P xxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

gorgeous photos darling!
so fun looking backstage into such a phenomenal thing as vogue
thanks for the great inspiration!

check out my blog @

J said...

Thanks for posting,

Cant wait to read it

WendyB said...

I can't commit to reading anything that doesn't have pictures of drunk people. That's my number one requirement in a blog.

Tasha said...

Thanks for tip..will look forward to getting behind the scenes!

Is This Real Life? said...

Awesome pic's
Thanks for posting!

A. said...

i love the stripy jumper & ripped jeans...would look lovely together me thinks.

& yay another blog to ooh & ahh over!


FLORENCE. said...

Those ripped jeans are hot, I must admit I am surprised that they allow those at Vogue UK.
I think drunken office party pictures are a must for any blog, Love gets my vote!

Perhaps take a sneaky look at my blog?

Isabel said...

I'd pretty much kill for that closet.

A. Buckel said...

If you look at the model wall you might notice that some of the pictures are from other magazines- interesting, isn't it?

Hanna said...

Love this post - behind the scenes with a major magazine is always an exciting read! And those DYIed trousers are so mmmm!