Wednesday, September 09, 2009

léa seydoux


Another branch on that "French actress, simple beauty, enviable wardrobe" tree.
Style wise Léa Seydoux has that boyish Gallic charm; you know the type that causes you to embrace the 'buy expensive basics' philosophy so that your wardrobe will be built around well cut tuxs, cashmere cardigans and silky blouses.

Check out her Fashion Spot thread here.


A. said...

swoooon! this girl is amazing.

you & me both, have that 'it girl' (in a good way) picking out quality, no?

she is so gorgeous!


A. said...

also, does she date louis garrel?!

louis garrel is to deak what chloe sevigny is to you ;]


discotheque confusion said...

haa, that's so cool about deak and garrel!

non non, unfortunately (I say that because they look like they would make an awfully cool couple in this picture. but in a pleasingly not-too-pretentious way, of coursse.) they are not dating.

I did wonder if this image would raise such questions but couldn't resist the scarf she is wearing!

and tell deak he needs to get himself a space on your blog, maybe a dear deak column? haa.

love xxx

lydia said...

oh my god she's wonderful...and she has the greatest hair!

Anonymous said...

Who IS she??? She's amazing!

Smile Hawaii said...

love her boyish style~

Please follow my blog for couture. culture. and cuising from JAPAN & HAWAII <3

Rose said...

It was lovely meeting you yesterday, to be honest I am surprised at my self for plucking up the courage to speak to you.I promise I am going to comment more often from now on.x

Victoria Hart said...

She's a beauty! xxx

Anna Pope said...

She is so very very cute!

Lainey said...

So gorgeous! She kinda reminds me a little of Michelle Williams.

Sally said...

lovely. the last two pictures just make me want to go wonder in the woods x

jessica said...

tellement jolie ♥
she's so keoute !

& im doing vaaair well: new boyf, new school (first year university?!), & IM GONNA SEE TEAM CANADA DJS on saturday night .
do you like mstrkrft & girl talk ?
cause if you do, download some 'team canada djs', its for your own good :]
hope all is well in stevieland !

Claudette said...

I've never seen her before but she has great style.

hippyhippychic said...

love her pose on the red carpet, so fun

Anonymous said...

I saw her in the film "La belle personne" with Louis Garrel, and I totally adore her. She has a unique beauty, and a lot of style!

you have really great taste ;)


Isabel said...

Never heard of her, but she's actually gorgeous!

Lay said...

Adoooooro seu blog!

Alya said...

I think she looks like a young Kate Moss..