Friday, December 18, 2009

advent season: day eighteen: christmas do

here are some snaps from the Topshop Christmas Do a couple of weeks back.
I have to say, this party had nothing on last year's.
drama was restricted- no throwing of flower pots, no boss passed out on the sofa and being ever so elegantly carried out at the end (oh dear..)
I bowed out pretty early on and felt smug to be all curled up in bed just after midnight.
I hear that I missed the conga and some tears from one of the managers though.


Sarah Miller said...

Top effort for a staff christmas party! Next year, your mission, if you so accept, is to be the flower pot thrower! haha ;-)

All Women Stalker said...

Whoah, I'd love to hear more about last year's party! :D


Anonymous said...

I went for topshop christmas party too right here in Malaysia a couple of weeks back! :D

Anonymous said...

looks so glam and fun!

Bianca said...

what camera did you use for these photos?