Tuesday, December 01, 2009

advent season: day one

image, tabitha gwyn osler

Ah, December is upon us. Let the festivities begin; watch as your diary fills with seasonal get togethers -friends frantically meeting up before the new decade is upon us, ladle up some mulled wine, root around for that Christmas hits CD and sigh at the familiarity of 'War is Over' and 'Fairytale in New York'. Also in keeping with tradition, I'll be posting those annual Discotheque Confusion Advent posts.

Some of you will know what to expect from the past few Christmases (remember the
'Paris Vogue Nativity Scene' from last year?..) but if this is your first blogging Christmas be sure to keep your eyes peeled each day for slices of seasonal posting (and of course usual posting shall also resume, so all in all it'll be quite a busy month!)

To kick of the festivities is a cover of Carol of The Bells by The Bird and The Bee..


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

i've been missing xmas! it's good it's here again :)

Anonymous said...

lovely version of the carol of the bells, my favorite song!

IKS said...

this season is special and i was waiting for it to start so anxiously :) and now it is here, and we can enjoy... if only it would start to snow...

Meghan and Lana said...

ahh i LOVED the paris vogue nativity scene. i think i'll make it my background now. i love december!!!!

Romany said...

I love watching Christmas movies around this time. The Santa Clause, Love Actually, Home Alone 1 & 2...
What kind of camera did you use to take this photo, by the way? Is it polaroid? Nice effect...

Mayra said...

Oh I've been looking forward to those advent season posts they are so well written and lovely ready to set the christmas spirit:)

A. said...

and you know what december 25th 2008 is the anniversary of, yess?

our very first live and in real time talking videos, haa.

and look how far we've come since then...next step - in real life!

fingers crossed this time next year we can look back on this & say it's happened.

love you babydoll,


A La Mode said...

I am so excited for christmas!

Anonymous said...

This is my first Christmas blogging and I'm looking forward to it. I love the Bird and the Bee!!

ian said...

Walking home
crunch crunch
noze frozen
smell the log fire
Christmas stockings
warm feelings