Tuesday, December 15, 2009

advent season: day fifteen: girl crushes of 2009

To me, 2009 was the year of the ordinary girl.

Call it what you will; a backlash against celebrity, a craving for humbler icons and a more back to basics approach, or simply the power of the internet turning the attention onto the everyday woman. The point is, this year was for me less about aspiring to look like an Olsen and more about wanting a simpler and more rewarding lifestyle. The rise of photo blogs has had us interested in interiors; organic portraits of the way people really live trumping over-styled editorials.

Candid photographs sprung up across the internet documenting groups of friends and their everyday style, able to remind us of the beauty of minimal make up and jeans and tees as well as a classic vintage party dress.

In an age where magazines are dictated by their advertisers, blogs (from personal style to street style) have posed a refreshing alternative, and with that individual style has stepped back into the spotlight. As a result, this year my list of 'style inspirers' has grown, with women who, without blogs would never have made it onto my radar. By no means are they all penniless creatives- some are OSCAR winners- but they are all stylish women who come from a range of backgrounds, financial situations and all in all build a realistic image of the different types of women of the world.

So these are the women that have inspired me this year, and in some way have influenced my style (be it sense of style or lifestyle) in their own varying ways.

stay tuned for more girl crushes of 2009..


Bluefemme said...

Loved your article! I have my personal favorites too.

Teresa said...

Yes, Abbey Lee and Rachel Ballinger!! Love, love, love!


Iole said...

love all

Gem said...

Excellent post.
It's funny how fashion mags and fashion advertisers now try and stage the candidness, especially with street style advertisements. It totally defeats the object of it!

. said...

imperfect perfect!!
I love!

Kat said...

aw super cool post, stevie! i adore florence! and camille b-w and lara stone. must check out some of these other ladies too.

oh and too true everything you wrote

Bi. said...

love the style of them all! :)
cool post!

Bubu said...

Hello Friend, I love love love your blog, it‘s very interesting!!! I really like your style!! i‘ll visit you many times for sure honey.

Emma Lavelle said...

great post! filippa berg and florence are two of my favourite's as well x

Carmen said...

abbey lee, hanne, lara...?

yes, please!

check out hanne's spring season highlights:

abbey lee's adorable "where the wild things are" inspired spread in dazed & confused:

and lara lands the cover of love for Feb 10:

let us know who else you're crushing on!!

<3 modelinia

Siru said...

They're all beautiful in their own unique way! I hate to spam, but the last hours of my giveaway are going on! You still have time to try your luck!


juliet xxx

A. said...

you know me, i always love the girl crushes. was thinking about doing a post quite similar, not shockingly.

nike definitely makes it onto the list as well as flo.

and pania rose...i'm intrigued. need to look her up!

happy to see my photo of flo made it in the mix...those boots were INSANE.


KP said...

ahh love this! xx

Anonymous said...

all rubbish. tell us about boy crushes ?

Anonymous said...

i love that pania rose shot- she looks soo cute and love the whole newspapered bathroom!

Carol Jeandel said...

i love the photographs also because Candid ...thanks share . confidence it's power for a women beauty i thinks : )

Isabel said...

Ahh, you are such an amazing writer.

womens wear said...

Great pics! Loving the blog!

Blue Floppy Hat said...

I love Nike's blog/s, they're lovely. Though my girl crushes include a lot of blog-keepers, for their personality as well as their style (Susie, Queen Michelle, Lulu, Rumi, the Tokyo Bopper girls and so on), my non-blogger crushes of 2009 included Paloma Faith - I do admire her commitment to the whole retro look even if it's not quite the hottest thing right now. Daphne Guinness for being her unapologetic high-fashion self, is a perennial. And also the late, lovely Daul Kim esp. when she went blonde- I miss her blog :(

Ruth said...

Love this stevie

Ruth @ Matches

austin homes said...

I've got a huge crush on Abbey Lee!

Smaggle said...

I LOVE Tilda Swinton. You know she has a husband AND a boyfriend right? 30 years apart in age? Who are actually FRIENDS with each other? She is the coolest person on the planet. Thanks for featuring her.

Anonymous said...

I am obsessed with Abby Lee!

Barbie Moon said...

This is such a great idea! I', dying to do a "muses" collage now...My girl crushes would be Audrey Hepburn, Shirley Manson, Florence (of Florence +the machine, discovered in the bathroom of a sex club, drunk.), Daisy Lowe, Alexa Chung, the Olsens....hang on, this could take all day. Love your blog, dear, you're a great writer. :D