Tuesday, January 19, 2010



Hands up if after watching the Golden Globes you're filled with even more love for Chloe Sevigny? She handled dress-rip-gate with great humour and without delving too much into gossip website tittle tattle, it puzzles me that some people seem to have viewed her reaction as diva-ish. For anyone who is in turn puzzled by what I'm talking about, Chloe Sevigny's Valentino dress was ripped after her usher stood on it during her Best Supporting Actress in a TV series award acceptance. You can watch the clip here.
In terms of Chloe Sevigny's dress, I must say it's not what I would have expected her to wear and I'm not mad on it, but I've read in the past that she likes to wear something glam and classic to award ceremonies, favouring timelessness over her usual 'quirky' fare.

I smiled as I watched her reaction which was completely natural and funny and fair and I think acts as a great testimony to what a lovely and honest person she is.

Now, on this drizzly Tuesday morning (so far away from Friday..) let us watch Golden Globe clips and love Chloe a little bit more. If you watch the acceptance speech, note how lovely that she thanks her New York friends.

"Well, what a tinkering of applause.."
This clip is interesting to hear Chloe talk about the process of dressing up for Awards ceremonies.


Ella Gregory said...

Haha Chloe is so cute in the video second from bottom. And I love that Julianna is in it too. You know I'm an ER addict. I was like 'OMG and Clooney is there too. Carol and Doug forever!'

Ania said...

this was hillarious, she's so cute and outgoing :)

surprisingly, while I didn't quite like the dress in the photos, now that I've seen it 'in motion' (haven't watched the ceremony) I absolutely love it. what a masterpiece!
and the earrings are beautiful as well.

Fritze said...

ha haaa she is amazing! It really is a tinkering of applause.

M. R. P. M. said...

how lovely she is just a nice person and her coolness is a bonus, rather than her being too cool to the point of annoyance.
thanks for putting them up


Hélène Heath said...

She's adorable! Totally makes me wish we were friends.

MrJeffery said...

i thought it showed how much she cares about fashion.

Anonymous said...

hahahaa, chloe's so funny at the first video!!

Angela Pluck said...

She looked amazing!

noura. said...


emily said...

i agree, thought she dealt with it really well! thanks for sharing this, normally i just trawl through images of her, so it's not often i actually hear her speak, much funnier than i imagined.

& the more i look at the dress, the more i love it.

p.s. i really like that hot chip single too!


Ally said...

Chloe is the best, she has such an endearing laugh and such confidence about her. She handled that really well I thought!

All Women Stalker said...

I love her voice. And I love her show :)