Tuesday, January 19, 2010

zac posen x target


I've never gone mad for Target designer collaborations. Of course, the names (Proenza Schouler in particular) have had me watering at the mouth. I remember back in my Teen Vogue buying days wanting to get my hands on a piece from the Luella range, but in hindsight that was because owning an item of clothing that had somewhere along the line been tweaked by Bartley seemed like the ultimate aspiration.

As is the case with many designer collaborations, after all of the initial excitement I haven't found the finished product to be worthy of the same head over heels adoration that might be initiated towards the designer's main lines.

It is with this context in mind that Zac Posen's Target collaboration is in my eyes rather curious; the little hawaiian shirts and flirty spring minidresses have me feeling excitement that wouldn't usually be reserved for Posen. Who knows, perhaps it's the lovely styling*, maybe it's model Elsa Sylvan's casually tousled hair, because although I've a little voice at the back of my head, whispering 'don't fall in love, the fabric will be cheap and static shock inducing!' this is one Target collection I can't help but like.

*Though a pair of nice wooden wedges wouldn;t have gone a miss instead of those unfortunate black T-bars..

View the rest of the collection here.


A. said...

right! buying two of those hawaiian shirts & shipping one off to you...!

lovez it.


Francy said...

I'm never that impressed with Target designer collections either! I love Zac Posen, but will definately have to see what it looks like in the store before I get too excited.


Angela Pluck said...

This collection looks really nice! I really like the floral skirt and a couple of dresses...can't wait to see it in the store!

noura. said...

i definitely like the black dress but not the other things really

Maryli said...

i always get suckered into these collaborations only to get my heart broken. i'm going to focus on the ugly t-bar shoes so i'm not tempted to run out and buy as soon as possible.

c a s s i e said...

WANT the black dress. excited to see it in store x

Kathryn Sutton said...

I am pleasantly surprised by the Zac Posen for Target range - not usually a massive fan of either but I must say I wholeheartedly approve of what they've come up with.



Sartoriology said...

i agree with the shoes, brogues or chunky burberry-type wedges would have worked better. i'm gutted we don't have access to target here, but then i wonder if it's all hyped up like the Kate moss for topshop or giles for New look, both of which are equally disappointments bar a few pieces from their launch collections...