Tuesday, January 19, 2010



If, like me, you enjoy a good snoop through people's twitpic accounts all in the name of procrastination, of course, then perhaps you'd like to take a peek at mine?



noura. said...


emily said...

and i love looking at your twitpic. it's weird cos i kinda feel a bit like a stalker...!


Isabel said...

Dude, I love those brown brogues!

Anonymous said...

amazing photos!


Larita said...

guauu you blog is amaizing, i've just seen a lot of the pages of this and i say all this it's really perfect. oke sorry form my english, i actually study for write better.
have a nice day

tastes like disco said...

love your suitcase! <3 i got a more or less similar one, but much smaller and a bit rounder. it is dark blue und very 50`s like, i LOVE it. but as it is smaller it sometimes doesnt fit everything, so i dont use it that often. the size of yours is much better! very nice together with your brogues =)

Sartoriology said...

did you buy the ckane topshop dress? i ummed and ahhed over it and regretting not buying. note to self, always buy!