Friday, February 05, 2010

back home

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I'm back home after my short stay in Stockholm. As lovely as it was there it's a relief to be back to a place with clear skies and forgiving temperatures. Updates on the trip soon, though to be honest it was all quite chilled and I may not be able to fufill any expectations of extenseive shopping recommendations.

Did I miss anything while I was away? Why don't you give me a head up of some of the things currently on your mind- a standout magazine editorial, a song, a red carpet look, a flawless blog?

After a couple of weeks of far too much in the way stodgy carbs (pasta being the cheapest travelling food option..), second portions and of my invention of the word 'check' (finally, a name for that unflattering merging of the chin and the neck into one body part..) I'm now determined to get back into healthy eating habits. There is nothing like a city of beautiful Swedes to kickstart such a regime..


emily said...

glad to have you back! really looking forward to what you got up to - relaxed breaks are always the best anyway!

oh and very excited about the single man release too!


Anonymous said...

The Frontier Blog I think you would

And some all time updates on style like u!!! Harold=sooooo cute

All Women Stalker said...

haha CHECK. Gotta keep that in mind.