Wednesday, February 24, 2010

burberry prorsum AW10


I was positively gutted to have missed the Burberry AW10 show today after receiving an astoundingly last minute invite yesterday afternoon. Sadly not being able to get to London in time and having to work meant that my afternoon was spent painfully checking my watch as I served customers and dreaming up fantasies of running for trains to make the show when I knew all along it wasn't going to happen. Hey ho, being invited for a second season was fantastic in itself so please don't mistake my disappointment for ungratefulness. Thank lord for the brand's current romance with technology as we can all rewatch the show and attempt to pretend we were in the audience all along. But I know I'm preaching to the choir and most of you will have watched the show live if you managed (unlike myself) to successfully tear yourself away from work/school/or what have you for quarter of an hour.

I'm fast coming to the conclusion that the Autumn/Winter shows are always more enjoyable, the inevitable layering and need for warmth makes for richer styling. Though perhaps this is more about the off-kilter style seasons which mean that just as the trees are preparing to bud in time for spring, my fashion calender is already craving next winter.

I won't delve too much into the collection itself, as I'm sure you can make up your own minds, but it gets a thumbs up from me. It's interesting to see the fresher direction Christopher Bailey and his team seem to be taking Burberry in. And rather impressive that the brand has clung onto that quintessential British charm while appealing to a younger and more daring customer. Shearling jackets (already a clear trend for next winter thanks to the London collections alone), a beautiful mustard hue and seemingly neverending thigh high boots are how I will remember the collection. The handbags get a wee wrinkle of the nose if you ask me and I was surprised by my reaction to the furs, as I cringed at their unashamed animal quality and teddy bear resemblance knowing full well the fur's source. As I say, have a watch, or perhaps a re-watch for a full show experience. As an attendee last year, I can vouch that the recorded video is a pretty accurate representation of the show itself and you actually get a much better idea of how the clothes look.

An afterthought. I am amazed that none of the models fell in those heels! A few teeters and a subtle wobble there but they still glided down the ultra polished runway with awe inspiring expertise!


WendyB said...

That first jacket is so Amelia Earhart.

Angela Pluck said...

the big collar jackets are so them.

Romany said...

Congratulations on being invited for a second season, nice work! I'm so jealous! Was the invite pretty? ;)
I agree, personally I find A/W FW much more interesting than S/S, more layering, and it's my preferred season anyway (much prefer to be cold than hot, though I suppose that's easy to say considering it's a hot and sticky summer over here at the moment).

Siru said...

I also kept waiting for them to fell! :D I loved the collection! It must be amazing to be invited to such event!

juliet xxx

ELLE said...

Oh no I saw your seat near me!!! Ella said you had to work :(

Sally said...

I also find myself craving AW when spring is just about to approach. I do agree the shows are more enjoyable and I do love to layer. Jealous you got invited for a second year, sorry you couldn't make it though x



iliketweet said...

So sad you didn't get to go! The collection is amazing, love the military/aviator vibe going on.

Come by and say hello sometime...



Ella Gregory said...

Stevie to make matters worse we were apparently sitting oppostie Mary-Kate! Although obviously in the back row, but still, Mary-Kate!!! I could have cried! xxx

All Women Stalker said...

The colors make my heart warm! Moss green and brown and dark blue and off white.


Argh, a fashion tragedy! Nothing worse than a missed show, especially one like burberry.