Wednesday, February 24, 2010


spot the difference: last season's bag compared to the SS10 supersize edition.

Yesterday morning my not-so-glamorous state of sleep (which involved a dog-eared jumper for nightwear and those valuable minutes of alarm designated 'snooze') was interrupted by a courier ringing on my doorbell. A groggy trip to the door and a semi-conscious exchange later I was in my room and holding a large packet from Yves Saint Laurent. I must admit my reaction upon opening the packet mostly consisted of stifled giggling. Have you seen the size of the SS10 Manifesto totebag? It's comically large! Double the size of last season's which is a shame because I'd love to empty into it the contents of my current handbag only I think it may be better suited as some kind of high fashion apron? My Mother actually brainstormed some very convincing pillowcase options and I do believe I heard the words 'You could just Granny to sew along here..and here.' Around 2,000 of the totes were distributed about cities worldwide last Saturday (which would explain the whirlwind of red strawberry printed manifestos around Convent Garden as I made my way to the Unique show..) and if desire one for yourself I'd recommend you take a sly trip to eBay, though I do warn you, you probably won'tbe able to tote it around without feeling like a bit of an eejit!

Also included in the parcel was a very pretty (and naturally also supersized) Manifesto magazine, a little like a luxe version of the poster specials free with Smash Hits back in the day, if you will. Just with Natalia Vodianova instead of Richie from 5ive.

And thanks to those interns over at Yves Saint Laurent (lucky things!) for popping my own Manifesto into the mail.


Anonymous said...

love it
gorgeous inspiration
love your blog, keep it up!
thanks for sharing as always



this bags are so cool!

All Women Stalker said...

Oh lucky girl!

Choux Choux said...

richie from 5ive was my favourite :)

young-shields said...

i got one too i was going to post a picture of me wearing it like an apron hahaha


Gem said...

WOW that's pretty darn cool. Awesome idea about the pillowcase too!

Kira Aderne said...

Love YSL and I am also crazy about this Burberry last collection! amazing!

Unknown said...

Wow that's cool!!!
I am soo crazy about the bags and the bags which were shown in the pictures..Thanks for sharing these pictures,I like it..

Good going and i really love your blog,Keep it up!!!