Friday, May 28, 2010


oh joy, how pretty you are.
pack into it some sweet tea, a camera, the papers and bring a friend for some outdoor sunshine adventures.

leather bag from asos


Anonymous said...

Ack! So the perfect bag! Really though..I've been looking for something to stash my camera in that isn' know...large, made of shell casing and looks like a construction workers lunchbox...label me vain but I want something nice to lug the thing around in (it's one of those Canon's..)

aaanyways, lovely blog, as usual :)

Clara said...

Frigging love this! I've been waiting for it to hopefully end up in the sale..The leather looks like it'll age b-eautifully!

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog too. x

WendyB said...

Looks nice and squishy.

Emily and Abigail said...

totally lusting this bag!!