Saturday, May 08, 2010

three blogs

I felt it was only right to share the three blogs that have been occupying both the windows of my internet browser and large chunks of my brain over the past week. three very different girls from three corners of the world all encouraging hundreds of minutes worth of procrastination. these reads are perfect for a rainy weekend under the duvet.

name: shi
location: australia
up your street if: • travel, drawings, the outdoors and candid personal style feature on your likes list.
•you enjoy living life vicariously through photographs of other people's meals and bedrooms

location: southern california
up your street if: • you rarely leave the house without a hat on your head
• you're a vintage enthusiast (who isn't?).

location: east london
up your street if: • you're a sucker for a blogger with long blonde tresses
• peg legs/long skirt and parka/floor length coat combos make you happy.


Daisy said...

Oh wow, thanks for sharing such lovely blogs !

M.Soleil said...

I really love Another Day To Dress Up. Like I really need another blog to take up all the time I should be spending on school work, internship hunting, and making my own blog better!

Daniella said...

ahh thanks so much for this little feature!!! such a lovely surprise! getting back to your email asap!

No said...

yay! i love discovering new blogs. thank you for this :-)

All Women Stalker said...

Yay new blogs to stalk! :)