Tuesday, May 11, 2010

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Most of the time I'm too impatient to give my nails sufficient coats when varnishing them. Why sit blowing of wet nails when the world is filled with ways in which to use my fingers? I could be leafing through a book or kneading dough or...boxing. Which explains both why they usually chip so easily (not the boxing and kneading, that was all theoretical) as well as my sense of delight at the result of the new Topshop varnish. The coating process took approximately 12 hours. Punctuated by sleep, breakfast, a shower and a blogging session. Nothing like multitasking.

And so I give my verdict. The camel looks absolutely lovely but really is subtle and not all that noticeable because of it's general fleshy tone. The lilac has probably received more in the way of satisfied coos (from me, that is) but then again this is for the purely shallow fact that it's more eyecatching.

In other news, I rediscovered my mystery lipstick. I discovered it last summer in a denim jacket pocket and have two possible theories; either that it once belonged to my Mother or to some stranger that once owned the jacket (I forget the circumstances of the discovery.) The last couple of days have been spent have a massive spring clean of my room and upon finding it again I decided to be brave (and risk possible stranger induced coldsores?) and try it on. The shade is lovely, a kind of dark rust colour. Not exactly the Blackberry shade I've has on my mind recently but perhaps more summer appropriate and most importantly free!

On the subject of Blackberry lippie I left a comment on
Sarah's facebook wall asking her to help me find something suitable. (She really is the encyclopedia where make up is concerned) She recommends Illamasqua which is a stain-like gloss. The deep purple shade (called 'Move') is really quite intimidating looking and I'm not really a lover of gloss but if I can locate some I'll certainly give it a try. Sarah has the red version, herself so it can't be bad. In the mean time may go and drawl through the cheapy make up at Boots for a lippie option..


Camille said...

For the lipstick, when you'll have a bit more to spend on it, I really recommend Clinique's "Almost lipstick" (http://www.clinique.co.uk/product/1605/4772/Makeup/Lipsticks/Almost-Lipstick/index.tmpl).It's the most flattering dark lipstick I've ever tried, and it's sheer and non-glossy.

Olivia Isabella. said...

Can't wait to get my hands on the Topshop make up range! Haven't had time to pop down there yet, but it is building the excitement ;)
UO x

Sophie said...

You should try Revlon's new(ish) range of matte lipticks, they are fantastic. I recommend them to everyone! They have some really nice berry shades, I really like 'fabulous fig' which is a really dark 40's style red because it reminds me of something the Land Girls would have worn.

marie said...

I love the nail polishes...so fresh <3

islami ruya tabirleri said...

I really like the pictures you've drawn