Tuesday, June 08, 2010

shopping baskets and fishing hats


american apparel employees, mondaine wristwatch, diane keaton's hair, nike felldin's hair, peonie bushes, brown trousers and long jackets, dudley's personalised fishing hat, shopping basket, jane birkin and her shopping basket, the graduate, moleskin notebooks.


marie said...

Diane Keaton is the best...her hair looks fantastic <3

i speak mojito said...

i love young diane keaton. and <3<3<3<3 jane birkin
and also the graduate and shopping baskets..in general we have very similar taste :)


Isabel said...

AA employees FTW!

Fleurette said...

ah, love it. such an inspiring collage!

All Women Stalker said...

Diane was (still IS) gorgeous.

hannah-rose said...

oh man i love shopping baskets at the moment! it's the perfect thing for roaming around and carrying everything in it. this is a great collage.