Sunday, June 27, 2010

three lions

And this is about as far as my support for England has gone so far. I'm slightly ashamed of myself, I was excited about the prospect of the World Cup and then realism got the better of me as deep down I know that once half time arrives I'm ready to give up watching and do something else. I'm off to a BBQ at my Dad's house this afternoon so let's see how my stamina goes. The gentle thud of tennis rackets at Wimbledon is far more my bag..

More posts soon I promise!


young-shields said...

love the shirt. i was at the beach then at 3 i thought i better go watch...wish i'd stayed chillaxin' now, but ah well, once every 4 years eh.. xx

Perth Lawyers said...

Love your looking so much..

Toni said...

its a good job you're not into football that much because it was DISAPPOINTING!


I havent been watching at all... but apparently, judging the screams of drunk people outside, The Netherlands just won

Unknown said...

Oh, The World Cup. I wish it's as crazy here in Canada.
I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog, it's lovely.

Joanna M. said...

This made me smile!
I'm not at all into football...or sports. ;)
Love the hawaiian print shirt!

Zara Nugent said...

no way you have a hawaiian shirt? could you tell me where you got it? i've been wanting one for so long but they're hard to find!

Louise said...

hehe i love it!! xx