Tuesday, June 15, 2010

tuesday activities etc


After an 8.30 start for a few hours of painting walls (apparently-and fortunately given current finances-I'm the house mule with my Mum paying me for shitty jobs) I headed into town with money burning a hole in my pocket.

I came back with the following:

-frost nixon watergate interviews
-norwegian wood by murakami
-washington dc by gore vidal
-the killer inside me by jim thompson

somehow I managed to justify the spending with the fact that they're mostly materials to kickstart my preparation for reading American Studies in the autumn. after watching 'All The President's Men' last night (and wishing that Robert Redford circa 70s still existed) the Watergate themed films are top of my list.

And in terms of my outfit today; an Obama cartoon t-shirt which I bought off of eBay. I love it because it's beautifully unfunny despite the creator's best efforts. A caricature of Bush is saying to Obama 'I don't think you can fix my mess..' and Obama is grinning back 'Yes We Can!' It's like 'is that the best you could come up with? Well, bless you for trying'. Also my black Monki peg legs which are getting a lot of wear at the moment and my faithful black leather lace ups.

I leave you with 'Caravan' by Blur which was playing as I browsed the DVD section in Fopp earlier.


Amanda Corrine said...

American studies is boring here. I want to learn about your country! That is why I am taking British Literature in the fall :)

emily said...

I love norweigan wood!
and that t-shirt is brilliant. i've been looking for a gordon one that's not too expensive!


hannah-rose said...

redford circa the 70s is AMAZING. perfect man. he's the same age as my grandfather and i totally would still go there.


Isabel said...

The shirt is totally epic!

discotheque confusion said...

apologies to an anonymous person, I accidentally deleted this comment:

i love your outfit posts, books & music suggestions more than anything

thank you, you absolute love!

flotsam & flummery said...

You remind me so much of Chloe Sevigny, you lucky lady.

Anonymous said...

Norwegian Wood is SO GOOD. I love Murakami, his writing is so bizarre and magic. The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles by him is awesome too.
I'd love to see a post about your favourite books if you're ever stuck for ideas!

Clio XX

Anonymous said...

^I second the book post idea!