Thursday, October 28, 2010

nicoll and cerutti

Girl On Film 

Really love these shoes designed by Richard Nicoll at Cerruti. This evening I found myself watching this rather hilarious interview with Richard Nicoll, though funny for all the wrong reasons. Namely because the presenter is bizarrely like Bruno's female alter-ego. Richard Nicoll's patience is very sweet but also very giggle inducing as the awkwardness of her non-questions gets a little too embarrassing to watch. So go ahead and watch if it The Office style humour is your bag. Still, Richard was an absolute gentleman showing off the pieces from the Cerutti SS11 collection and explaining the ideas behind them- it's quite apparent that he is an absolute babe and hell, he knows how to design a good shoe..

To remedy the above you should watch the forever mesmerising Magosia Bela in the SS11 Cerutti video.


Ania said...

good god, what is she on?...

love the hint of australian accent though :))

Kimberley Brandsma said...

That interview was kind of awkward.
But the shoes are awesome! The rest of the collection is very pretty as well.