Saturday, June 04, 2011

weekend away

Picture, Kate Moss, Harper’s Bazaar November 1994 by Peter Lindbergh. Via Florence.

Freedom! Exams are over and I've decided to take a train East to pay a visit to my Gran who I only get to see very occasionally. We'll spend a couple of nights at her caravan and I'll probably spend a day pottering around Newcastle (where I lived until I was two) and maybe pop into the Baltic before returning to Manchester. Packed into my lesportsac are a couple of pairs of high waisted cotton shorts, some airy tops (breezy armpits are important in this hot weather!) and my trainers as well as some reading material. I'm really looking forward to taking a couple of days to chill out in the glorious sunshine and finally read something for pleasure rather than for university (I'm finally going to start Teenage: The Creation of Youth by Jon Savage -which I posted about a while ago in relation to it's adaption into a film)

What will you all be doing/reading/watching/wearing this weekend? 


Unknown said...

Have fun! It is so nice to get a change of scene post exams. Definitely pop into the Baltic, even if just for a cup of tea- its cafe is high up inside and overlooks the gateshead bridge and the Tyne. Lovely in the sunshine.

ediot said...

what a lovely photo, thanks for sharing. hope you have a wonderful weekend.
i'll be sunbathing and watching sports this weekend.

Anonymous said...

That sounds lovely, very true about breezy armpits!
I'm reading Tracey Emin's My Life In a Column, watching Out of Africa and wearing PJ's :)

Afra Klinkenberg said...

Be happy to have your freedom! :) This weekend I will work on my graduation project.... and I will be reading it also, and the book: "The unknown Doughter". Watching.... my computerscreen! Haha and definately wearing some jumpsuits while working.


Sophie said...

Ohh let us know what you think of Teenage, I'd definitely like to be giving that a go, but for three more long weeks I shall be reading my A level textbooks :(

Kat said...

Sounds great to me!

Reading 'Quartet' by Jean Rhys
Watching Seinfeld (Man where has this show been all my life!?)
Wearing: A denim A-line skirt (partially inspired by yourself Stevie!)

hannah-rose said...

sounds lovely stevie - just how to celebrate the end of exams. mine finish in a couple of weeks... cannot come any faster. This weekend I had a great brunch, and I read my uni notes (bluerghh) and I wore converse and a big sweater and I watched the hangover 2. haha.


Kellie said...

Sounds like a perfect way to spend a weekend! Hope you're having fun!