Thursday, June 23, 2011


Pumps, APC x Vans; Bobble Water Bottle, Rain Hat, Zara; Tortoiseshell Cat Eye sunglasses and frilly socks, both Topshop; Lacoste tennis skirt and Slazenger sweatshirt, both Etsy.

I love everything that comes with Wimbledon. The preppy traditions; plump strawberries, little tennis skirts, perfect lawns and imagining that Paul 'Tennis Champion' Bettany really exists. But most of all I love that Wimbledon is the true firing shot for the start of British summertime and the inevitable yo yo-ing opening and closing of umbrellas as the British population holds out in the hope of scorching sunshine. Beyond this I don't usually follow the tennis itself, I'll get emotionally involved with an important match mostly out of the fondness towards Wimbledon institutions but then likely get preoccupied half way through. Every year I tell myself I'll learn the rules 'for real' rather than being a spectator when it suits me or being seduced by the little skirts and a fleeting patriotism. I wonder if this year will be any different..


Anonymous said...

i'll be honest, im only starting to understand the whole english summer/tennis thing mostly because the boyfriend is a wimbledon nutjob lol i however fully embrace the strawberries and cream thing, that i can do very well!!

p.s. - still havn't moved yet, that was just my current flat looking very empty lol, apparently i suck at flat hunting!

Michelle said...

Lovely post. I'm not really a tennis girl but any excuse for strawberries and cream with champaign is good enough for me. (yes, I tend to be the lurker at university Wimbledon gatherings)

and haha I can say that Hest's "same strand mince" burger taste exactly like a McDonald's Big Mac, minus the belchy after-taste.