Tuesday, June 14, 2011

what I wore

What I've been wearing, eating and sniffing for the past week:

1. Second hand Hawaiian shirt, suede skirt and new straw market bag I finally found this week after a year of looking, all worn for tonight's 'farewell curry' with friends at Islamabad Grill before we all return home for the summer.
2. 'Window Shopping' at American Apparel. Peach striped top and cord shorts.
3. The most deliciously succulent Mango, enthusiastically demolished in a couple of minutes.
4. Pineapple sunglasses, gold rollneck top (which impressively and deceptively adds 2 stone extra when worn) which I wore to Parklife Festival.
5. Peonies!
6. ..And unwrapped and on the desk.
7+8. Topshop sunglasses, second hand button down skirt and backpack and old shirt from All Saints.


mysticgypsy128 said...

I love the american apparel shirt! I also love mangos, but am allergic to them and end up with angelina jolie lips every time i eat them. Not the worst effect I could experience, i suppose, but uncomfortable nontheless.

Chuck said...

So lovely, so you. The peonies are gorgeous. I saw a bunch in Waitrose the other day and they were £20! Luckily my mum grows them in her garden so I can appreciate them there.

rouli said...

<3 the 1st pic's shirt!

kiss dear

Cassie said...

ha the pineapple sunglasses made me smile :)

The flowers are gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

you look amazing really!

and your sunglasses are the bonze!

Anonymous said...

ERM... is that a signed photo of Colin Firth?!

discotheque confusion said...

Chuck- twenty pounds for a bunch of peonies? I'm assuming they're guaranteed to survive for a month? Or have stalks of gold?

And Hannah that is indeed a signed photo of Colin Firth. I am highly grateful to my 13 year old self for writing him some fan mail and having his handsome face above my desk as the fruits of my labour..

Anonymous said...

Love the peach striped top with the shorts! You have a really great taste on clothes and music, by the way ;)
And love the pic with the pink flowers and the moleskine.


Samantha said...

oh dayum, your straw bag makes me pine for my own, now deceased version.
jealousy aside, these are a lovely set of laid back outfit photos x

Anonymous said...

I want pineapple sunglasses and now I feel like going to do some window shopping in American Apparel... also adore a dark lip on you :) xxx

Ally said...

I love peonies too! We have one in the window at work at the moment, and it has been so lovely watching it open up over the last few days.

Also I tried that AA tee on too, it is such great fabric.

WeShop said...

Love the Hawaiian shirt in the 1st pic. Those sunnies are unlike anything I've ever seen before! xx