Sunday, November 20, 2011


On my mind: Peeking PVC skirts and dreary days in Hawaii.

If there is one thing that Winter is really great for, it is it's ability to take a mildly obscene item of clothing, add an obligatory pairing of woolly tights (hello high count dernier), some choice knitwear and instantly tone down the previous sex appeal of the object simply with the necessity of keeping warm. This girl snapped by Mr Newton presents a summery take on the idea with her sliver of pvc, but swap the bare legs, throw on a mohair jumper, (and keep those fantastic cat eye sunglasses) and it would be perfect.

Also occupying a small corner of my brain: Hawaii. Maybe it's connected to the fact that I can't stop thinking about pineapples (yes), but I think it's mostly because of these photographs taken by Erin from Calivintage which make me wish firstly that I own a drivers license and secondly a white jeep for cruising around the gawping at the waves. 


Joy said...

i love these photos.

Chuck said...

Love that shirt. I can't remember where it is from... Karen Walker? Awesome.

The Annachrist said...

I am Anna-Christina and I approve this message. Way rad, love taking sexy out-of-season pieces and winterizing them.

marina said...

Love the colours.. so refreshing!