Friday, December 08, 2006

Details of Nonsense: KtotheATE


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Still, Now:

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Hey check it out.

Talk about details of celebrity nonsense is always fun. Pour example: "Aw. I feel sorry for Mel B!" "Gisele eats pizza!" (Lipstick Lady) "wow, check out britneys Lei! " and general gossipy shizzle.

So look everybody at the important event that is the airing of KM's Feathery Coat!

Back in 2000 and bla at the launch of Another Magazine, Kate and her Cape enjoyed a night out on the town.

and it looks like her BBF has been her shoulder to cry on (so to speak) during last weeks Doherty Drug Saga Number 27, so out they went to her Auction Party.

Well wasn't that fun!


Ella Gregory said...

kate moss is starting to age. i hope she does it gracefully and doesnt reach for the botox.

-S said...

i love kate moss. she is effortlessly cool.

Carissa Duhamel said...

Maybe Kate doesn't make the best decisions in life, but atleast she chooses a fantastic coat.

NATRIBU said...

I love Kate! She's the best...

a said...

ooh, i was mentioned in your blog!
to coco-i think she already has reached for the botox.
and that coat... de-lovely

molly said...

man, why havent i been to your blog in so long?

i missed so many great posts! i just went back and read them all haha.