Friday, December 22, 2006

The Seven Days of Christmas: Day Five

Day Five: "We like Short Shorts!"

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Well, of course, surely it goes without saying that short shorts don't make ideal streetwear. But lets take a leaf out of Freddie Mercury's book, because really, its the thought that counts!

Absolutley love the cute little sequined hotpants, spotted on the chanel catwalk, and they worked so well at Prada (see top left) when paired with volumous blouses.

Saw Keisha from the Sugababes on a T4 special yesterday, looking fabulous in a pair of high waisted denim shorts, paired with a floral blouse. They are styled by the fabulous Cynthia Lawrence-John (check out her website to get a look at some of the great editorials that she has styled!).

Below are some of the best shorts available on the high street at the moment, I love them because they are unashamedly different from all the other high street shops.

Pair with woolly tights, boyfriend cut jackets and daring platform heels during this cold winter weather if you're feeling especially daring!

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off to London for christmas, so if the posts are late, thats why, but have a great christmas everyone and hopefully I'll be back with some snaps of larrdan street style!


alluretone said...

i love thoes red shorts. and i loveee all the looks from prada and chanel. especially the sequined ones from chanel.

Alysha said...

Hate 2 say it but really who would wear the channel hot pants in real life? I like them but be real when r u going 2 see them on the streets.

maya said...

i dont know if the ones one the catwalk can actuall be called shorts at all. they are so tiny

discotheque confusion said...

Like I said, the shorts don't make ideal street wear, but paired with leggings or woolly tights, I know I'd have more confidence to wear them out.

I was making the point that I love the style, rather than talking about them being practical!

Hope everyone had a good christmas!

S xx

The Frocker said...

I loooooooooove those sequined short shorts!

And honestly, I think I would wear them out...