Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Model Behaviour : Part One

Part One: Swedish Chic

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It seems that these days, rather than being handselected by a scout at your local shopping centre or music festival, supermodels are being reared on reality TV shows. Although, thats not necessarily a bad thing...

Although Jen seemed to be the one who claimed to break the mould of the Skinny supermodel (well, actually she was a bit of a hypocrite when she admited she'd love to be a size 8) and Marianne was pushed into a debate about supermodel size, she was the one who continued to produce stunning pictures and has what it takes to be a supermodel.

Just look at the pictures-they look like the kind of think that might greet you in Vogue or Dazed, but they're from a reality TV show!

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Clare said...

Yeah, I LOVED Marianne. She was so striking looking. She deserved to win. I think her hair is awesome too...

Lucy Wilkinson said...

I loved Marianne too, she should of definatley won.
And Jen annoyed me so much, she was far too FAT to model, and needed to accept it!
Watch this space for many spreads & campaigns with Marianne!!


CoutureCure said...

cute blog :]

Sarah said...

i completely agree with buttonandstars

Ella Gregory said...

those are some lovely photos. she is a good model. people should get over them selves and accept skinny models are better, that doesnt mean skinny PEOPLE in general are better. but whos gonna look better in a gucci dress, dawn french or naomi cambell??? i think we all know the answer.

couturemechic said...

she is so gorgeous! yes, cory is amazing...i wish i could meet her
where do you live? like city state?

a said...

she definately deserved to win,jen kind of annoyed me, but to lucy: excuse me, jen was hardly fat she just wasn't skinny.
some people *cough sophie dahl cough* can be bigger than a bloody size 8 and model. tsk tsk.

discotheque confusion said...

ooh lots of feedback.

i ♥ feedback!

I agree with alanna, but I also see Lucy's point because she wasn't putting enough effort in, and needed to accpet that because she wasn't, things weren't working out for.

She wasn't fat-shes only a size 10, she just needed to tone up a bit!

S xx