Monday, December 18, 2006

One Night In Paris

So I never gave an update on my trip to Paris!

It was a veery hectic weekend, but also very fun, despite the little glitches that were encountered!

The trip was my first time, and I went with about 20 other people from my school, which was great, but I'm also the kind of person who romances with the idea of exploring an unknown city alone, and those illusions were kind of shattered (but then again, what did I expect?)

The highlight of the weekend in terms of shops was probably our short snoop around Fauchion where I stocked up on summer fruits insence and little christmas present lovelies for the family.

The only disappointment was not being able to go to Collette...

But Anyway, wanted to share a little selection of my favourite pictures from the trip.

Le Soir; The Champs Elysee
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Merrily, Merrily..
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I'm a little obsessed with photographing Merry-go-Rounds, but they're so pretty. Heres the latest addition to my collection, from Sacre Ceour.

Graffiti Chic
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I loved this random piece of graffiti. Rather annoyingly, the picture is tres blurry. But it pays tribute to Karl Lagerfeld, Peter Pan and funnily enough, the artist!

As colourful as the Lanvin 07 SS Collection...

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Viktor et Rolf lookalikes? (just check out the specs!)
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Jump, for my love!

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and lastly, me and emmie jumping outside Notre Dame. I look like I'm being attacked my a fox, but its my hair jmuping in a very odd fashion!


molly said...

haha wow lovely pictures.

you look like you had a great time.

i think im going to france this summer, hopefully, and looking at those pics made me excited!

camaybraham said...

hey love ur blog
and thanks for the comment
id love to swap links with you!
ur blog is mega cool

Q said...

Did the garden keepers get mad at you guys for jumping? All I want to do when I go to Paris is take jumping pictures, but I've heard the French are sticklers about their perfect grass and tourist sites, I hope they don't arrest me for being un-French. =]

E said...

Oooh, I'm so jealous. Paris is such an amazing and interesting city.

Pret a Porter P said...

the girl is beautiful, and the panda is just awesome.

Allecra&Sage said...


Is that Banksy on the wall ??

please reply !!