Thursday, January 25, 2007

My, Oh Miller!

Nylon is my new favourite thing!

Living in the UK means I find it really hard to get hold of, so its only over the past few months that I've started buying it.

But man am I glad I have because not only are their covers drool-worthy, so are their spreads!

Check out Sienna in February's issue!

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I love the fact that Nylon style their cover stars in clothes that you wouldn't expect to see them in yet, they look so fantastic.

I really like Sienna's hair too! Say no to the extensions! and she looks all cute and brooklyn block party-esque!

Yay! Nylon have renewed my "Aww I love her" opinion...

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Can't wait to snap it up.

PS, forget what everyone says, roots are hot!


-S said...

sienna miller is perhaps the best dressed person in hollywood today

MarĂ­a said...

I love Nylon magazine. Too bad I can't buy it here. Did you know about the book Street: The Nylon Book of Global Style?

discotheque confusion said...

Yeah, I had that book on my christmas list! Although I dind't get it!...

But I've flicked through it a couple of times in Borders and its great.

As for can download it from the internet for free if you join the website. Its really great-you can flick through all of the pages and its very easy to use!

S xx

Siobhan said...

she looks so playful- my favourite shot is the one where she's eating her foot! haha. i like nylon too- i only really started getting into it after a trip to new york.

Ella Gregory said...

wow i normally hate sienna but it's hard to in this spread.
it is so hard to find nylon, so i just steal it from my friend who is fashion obsessed and has everything.
he doesn't mind.

Sarah said...

i really like the photo shoot, it's fun.

molly said...

i wish i could comment but my mouth is so full of drool.

i wish she would possess my body and go shopping, so when i return to myself i have a great wardrobe to cherish forever

indigomast said...

its so can't help but love it

E said...

I love the cover it's so irreverant and fun.

molly said...

it hasnt happened...yet.
every night i burn that copy of NYLON (and for every copy I burn I put one copy in a safebox and rip up another to plaster on my walls) and pray to her
"sienna...sienna...possess me please! i am a young malleable mind for you to mold"
im fairly certain shes waiting for the full moon.
when it happens, youll be the first to know...well, after everyone who sees my rad wardrobe.

Q said...

Nylon is my absolute favorite magazine. They've got the best writers talking about v. intellectually stimulating things like art, music, and not to mention the FASHION. These people really know what's hip these days.

I will post something soon, love! Stay tuned.

mareGa said...

I love NYLON, is one of my favorite magazines, and I can't hardly wait to snap the Sienna one.

luxuryduck said...

the lv shorts are OH WOW! i love this magazine!

love from sydney,


discotheque confusion said...

Ooooh, looks like Nylon got you all talking!

Thanks for the comments.

Hopefully Sienna will take a cue from this stylist, because I think that grunge chic suits her.

Though she could just turn into an MK clone....hmmm

S xx

Model Citzen said...

HEY, I just bought that issue! I love it!!! It's so well written. I love how they even profile the contributors. I'm no fan of Sienna though (sorry!).

Will you guys go see Factory girl?

Anonymous said...
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