Thursday, January 04, 2007

Review: Class of 06

Part Two: Trends of 2006


Isn't dressing like a boy fun? Why else do you think the likes of Mulan did?
All things boyfriend were spotted on the catwalk over 2006, from the tuxs at Burberry to Topshop jeans. To add some femininity to this androgynous looks, flirty blouses, pinky hues and jewellry are key!

Seen below: Noir, Paul Smith Women, Margaret Howell
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Although a trend that by some is considered by some incredibly hard to pull off, I loved seeing Volume around because it was such a versatile look and there is so much you can do with it. From baby capped sleeved in high street shops, to wide high waisted trousers, tulip skirts and cape coats it was everywhere! Steer away from puffball and stick with pairing a slim tee and a tulip or bubble skirt with opaques and platform style shoes for a bit of glamour!

Seen below: Balenciaga, Chloe and YSL
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IT Bags of 2006

The YSL Muse

Spotted on the arms of Kate and Lindsay to name a few, the appropriately named Muse was a spring hit and was available in classic colours aswell as metallic and croc for anyone in the mood for a twist.

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The Stam

How lucky is Jessica!? Shes only 21, and not only is she a success international model, but shes folloing in the footsteps of the likes of Jane Birkin by having a gorgeous handbag as her namesake! Jealous?... and guess who is sampling the Marc Jacobs delight? Thats right, its Lindsay again. Looking gorgeous with a marilyn pic!
For me, this was one of my favourites and I guess it was for a lot of others; did you see how many high street rip offs multiplied?

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The Chanel Purse

From the 2.55 to the many updated versions, the chanel purses were seen on the arm of every young (and loaded) It girl this year, because lets face it, they won't be going out of style for a while, will they? This classic design has had as many reinventions as Madonna, not bad for a bag thats been going since 1955!

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The YSL Rive Gauche

Favoured by Sienna and Katie Holmes, this bag may not have had the same coverage as the others-but look at this sparkling beauty! I love its sheeny texture and slouchy quality. Not bad for £1,800 ($3500)! Ahem...

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Fendi Spy

SJP, Keira, Mischa, Uma, Kelly O, Nicole to name a few of the Spy's "bitches" the spy was the proud owner of a very long waiting list of ladies all waiting to get their hands on the latest IT bag. Sadly, since last year (aha..) Fendi has moved on. But lets not forget how pretty it is.

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Thanks for all your lovely comments I got for my last post, its getting feedback that keeps this blog going!


Ella Gregory said...

i love all the 'it' bags.
that was such a great idea
i personally think that the fendi spy and the stam bag were the biggest of the year
i wonder what treasures we will discover this year!

Meredith said...

Great post!!! fab insight on all things 2006!

And I would LOVE to link you, doll!!
Hope you have a fabulous January!

molly said...

"god, im so popular"


Marie-Kristine said...

i would totallyy love to switch links!
sorry im so late getting back to u... life has been crazy!

T said...

"god im so popular" ahahh lmao that actually made me laugh out loud. priceless

Cathi Cohen said...

omg i love that ysl rosey explosion beyyyyond belief.

a said...

i love that chloe dress, yum scrum

Anonymous said...

I hunt through my brothers wardrobe daily for some of his vintage shirts and sports team attire, and I've been DYING to have the YSl Muse bag for over 9 months!!!! It is the most stunning creation I've ever seen!
cool blog :]

mareGa said...

The Stam and the Chanel purse are certainly my fave ones... great post!

Marissa O said...

i was just looking through, and i LOVE this site. great job, i am adding you to my link list. (:

Anonymous said...

i love the new kelly osbourne
hahahaha ;-)

Sophia said...

I love the masculine trend this season... it's versatile and so comfortable.

As for the handbags, the Fendi Spy, in my opinion, is already getting old, but it definitely is still an "it" bag. The Chanel bags will, however, remain classics for a long time to come. Perhaps it's time to invest in one of those arm candies. Lovely blog!

Sarah Carson said...

i love the chanel bags!! and the stam is one lucky girl, dammit!! lol x nice blog

Sarah Carson said...

oh yeah, and wnt to trade links?x

Siobhan said...

i never thought i'd for the bubble trend yet i already own so many bubble tops, dresses and skirts.
great trend report.

alluretone said...

adronygy is my absolute favorite. jill sander's collection and her ads were awesome. i also loved balenciaga's fall collection, even though the magazines over played it.. just a bit. lol i love the chloe tights!! and the silver chanel bag?- to die for.

alluretone said...

adronygy is my absolute favorite. jill sander's collection and her ads were awesome. i also loved balenciaga's fall collection, even though the magazines over played it.. just a bit. lol i love the chloe tights!! and the silver chanel bag?- to die for.

-S said...

love the stam bag (who doesn't?) and as for bubble hems? i loved them the few minutes they were in

Elizabeth said...

I love the bubble trend!

Wow, your blog is awesome. Want to trade links?

visit mine at

Emily said...

i love your blog it is tres kl want to trade links? x

Anonymous said...

my goodness that "it" bag was positively adorable! it may be out now but... where could i get one myself?!