Thursday, January 18, 2007

Top of the Frocks

There are those who deal well with a public split (by using the opportunity to embrace the offers of beautiful new clothes from the hottest designers and to flaunt to the ex just what they're missing.) And then there are those who really, really don't- Britney and Cameron anyone? Must be the Justin effect!... But Reese is definetly the first type, she scrubs up very well indeed in this buttercup Nina Ricci creation and plenty of bling.
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Although many people seem to have disaproved of Sienna going back to her boho roots after wearing this heidi-style do, (including Perez Hilton who seems to have self elected himself as a fashion know-all), I like the fact she did something a little different and think she looks beautiful. Shes got a very healthy and radient glow and looks happier than she has done in a long time. Its amazing what a bit of Marchesa can do for Ms Miller!
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There was lots of debate about this Chanel dress, and it appeared on a mixture of best dressed and worst dressed lists. But my take on it, is that it is a classic examplke of a daring dress that has been pulled off well! A quick peep on Babel star Rinko Kikuchi's imdb profile showed me that we have a style icon in the making. A follow up to boyish tux's and daringly short minidresses? I may never have heard of her before, but Rinko certinaly gets the thumbs up from me! Watch out for a style icon post on her coming soon!
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How cool do the Nicolsons look!? I love Lorraine's hair and although its not my taste, this grey Dior dress really compliments her porcelain skin. As for Jack, you just want to shout "He's the maaan!" He looks like the ultimate dad-a mixture of embarrasing (the sunglasses), but also someone to be very proud of (who wouldn't be proud to see your dad wear that bow tie?). The family affair couple works everytime! Lenny and Zoe K anyone?
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This Gyllenhaal rarely gets it wrong and since the birth of baby Romana, shes been One. Hot. Mama. Glowing in YSL, shes completely at ease on the red carpet while working the volume trend a treat. It makes a change to see her in something quite classic, but her quirky style remains intact.
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The Big Love girls look great! It was immedietly Chloe who caught my eye, as I'm always keen to see what shes wearing, but I think Ginnifer looks fantastic. Her smoky eyes are very sexy, and although I think her Dolce and Gabbana could hang a little better, it dress really suits her. Tripplehorn pulls off the "aging star" look well. As for Chloe, she went down the vintage route in YSL, not sure about the spice girl style strappy platforms though..
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Trust the new "matching tress" twins to show up to a glitzy event like the Golden Globes pre-party in style! On first glance I thought this was a Marchesa dress, but for that night Ashley was supporting the big guns and wearing Giambattista Valli, while MK was probably warign "vintage, dahhling!" And a couple of swipes of scarlett lippy, a cocktail ring and fur (which better be fake!) and you have the typical Olsen cocktail, I'll never tire of their wardrobes!
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Alysha said...

who can't love Reese and Sieanna?

Ella Gregory said...

ok first, love reeses dress, but she looks like shes lost a lot of weight.
second I think sienna should stick with boho cos it suits her best, Maggie does look amazing, and your right she rarely gets it wrong.
And i love that pic of mary-kate and ashley, i hadnt seen it anywhere and its so cute.
and im glad i helped you with your search for a picture, i hate it when you need a particular image and cant find it.
and last but not least i flicking through old vogues today and i saw the shoot that has the image you use for this blog and i imediatetly thought of

Anonymous said...

im so glad mk and ash are both blondies again...haha i love the whole matching element to tehm, but with different styles. also, reese was by far my favorite on the carpet (much to my surprise) and i loveddd sienna's dress but the hair completely ruined it for me.


I agree... That hairdo makes Sienna's look really kitch

E said...

I like how Sienna went full-out with the medieval princess look, but it's still kind of modern. Ashley Olsen looks great, and Chloe is one of the few people who could pull off that ensemble, but she does it so well.

a said...

i love mary kate's (or is it ashley's? i'm not quite sue now) ring. beautiful

NATRIBU said...

I prefer Chloe Sevigny, she is so cool!

discotheque confusion said...

I agree with you E, about how its good that Sienna properly went for it!

and alanna,it was MK's cocktail ring. I ♥ it too!

S xx