Friday, July 27, 2007


Mael Model

This is actually Discotheque Confusion's debut Male model post, and what an appropriate name he has for this occassion, don't you agree?

Now Male models aren't my thing in the eye candy department, (Not a fan of the meterosexual look) but male model Mael Dalla Zuana is be-a-utiful!

as nice as his name. This picture sees him walking the Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 07 show.

I'm thinking the presence of Male models on the blog would be welcomed? It adds so much more variety, yes.

And I really think that male models are overshadowed by all the big female supermodels. While we're on the subject, what do you think of model couples? I'm of the opinion that they're rather boring. Too pretty pretty. It would be so refreshing to see a male model step out, smitten, with a woman who caused everyone to think and mutter "Uhhh, why her?"
Teresa posted about male model Sean Opry last week, who is apparently one half of a model couple with Diana Moldovan.
Questionable other halves are so much more interesting. Eg,
Brittany and Hubby...


Siru said...

I have done posts from men's fashion and no one has told me that they don't want ot hear of that.

juliet xxx

Bojana said...

Wooohooo! You're back! With a bunch of awesome posts! YAY.

I'm staying at my grandma's in Serbia and her internet So no posts fro me until I get back in Belgium in august. But I've been tagged and did post..
and also very few comments because it takes ages to load.

From the power rangers and myself

Bojana said...

Funny, I posted about this guy in one of my first posts, when I just started blogging...YUMMM

Bojana said...
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Bojana said...
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Teresa said...

Oooh thanks for linking me in your post!
And male models are so underrated. It's bad enough female models are so anonymous these days, but male models, one has to practically read coacd/men's 10 magazine to find out who they are.
But oooooh Dalla, so pretty, and such a great name.

Mrs Fashion said...

Oh yes, I'm all for pretty pictures and so hot boy shots would be most welcome. Don't tell Mr F though...

Anonymous said...

Mael rocks!!! glad to see another Mael fan out there :D

Elle said...

that model looks like stephen from laguna beach, for those who don't no its a crappy addicting reality tv show from a couple years ago

Mash said...

wooop you re back :) he s ...mamamia ! craquant :)

Ella Gregory said...

is it me or does he look like stephen from laguna beach?
it is nice to see some male models, makes a nice change
i cant believe i went away the week lindsay got arrested!!!
do you know what actually happened?
cos im a little confused
and i havent got the email, has it gone to the adress the myspace is under cos if so that doesn't work anymore
but i didnt get any new messages
well ill check again anyway
x x x

maya said...

he's so gorgeous it's untrue. wow.

Diana Coronado said...

He's so handsome and gorgeous!!

Emily said...

yes more i love male models