Friday, July 20, 2007

Very Big Crisis

She may have a
habit of killing off the goodies, but this doesn't mean that the death of one of the best Spring 07 pieces should be taken any more lightly.

I'm thinking that Jack and Lazaro need to have a serious re-jig of their PR team and find out who it is who let this happen? Proenza Schouler is for the quirky girls, who take risks and go edgy, not for matchy-matchys who rely on their Christian Louboutins to make their outfits "acceptable".

At least Chloe can chuckle at this matter of schadenfraude, safely in the knowledge that her specs trumped VB's mere attempt.

When Summers Over

And onto cuter matters. I wanted to say something about Rachel Bilson and applaud her outfit that incorporates high waisted, flared jeans whilst steering clear of either the "mommy" or fashion victim connotations.

She's a natural (or at least
Nicole Chavez is) at all things subtle (right down to her lovelife) and she is undoubtedly aware of what compliments her look.

Rachel keeps things casual with the jacket, and I like the fact that despite the heavy looking fabric it doesn't take away from the rest of the outfit. The detail around the collar adds interest too.

Anyone else feeling a sudden pang of missing Summer?


Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

that skirt is so popular but it does not look very good on posh!!
I hope rachel is coming out with something soon, I do miss the oc!

Teresa said...

I sadly watched Posh's little reality show about settling in LA and every third word that comes out her mouth is MAAAAJOR. "That's so MAAAJOR" "Her hair is so MAAAJOR" "Those shoes are MAAAAJOR" Quite vexatious it is.

And her breastes pop up every scene, it's disturbing.

And about proenza schouler, she goes to the store and buys the clothes full price. That's what she did when when Tom Ford refused to lend her clothes so she went to the store herself. And yeah, he was ashamed and angered that his clothes swathed a footballer's wife.

Ella Gregory said...

I love Rachel Bilson, she dresses well, shes pretty, she looks like a nice person, she isn't blonde (there are no decent brunettes in Hollywood!)and she looks natural, non of this hair extension and false nail stuff going on with her.
As for Victoria? she seems to wriggle her way into loads of things i wish she wouldn't
Im glad your back and posting, I had missed your blog!

Mrs Fashion said...

I love the way you wrote 'tasty' across VB's backside. So ironic. (I think you got your Ss and your Rs mixed up though!)

And Rachel Bilson is adorable, great pics you found! I think, I hope, she'll have more longevity than Mischa The Bland Barton.

And soz for yesterday's correction - you should read Bazaar though (not UK, US) - they have some stuning pics in there sometimes and Tatler? I wouldn't pay for a copy but some of the features are hilarious! A great laugh!

Mrs F x

Emily said...

i love rachel bilson and i agree with coco it is true apart from her there are hardly any decent brunettes
and posh is really so tacky she is ridiculous she should stop trying to get everyone to love her as no one does

MarĂ­a said...

This is an open letter to Victoria:
Why? Why? Why? You broke my
heart :(
Stick to Cavalli and D&G, please.

Eli said...

I think the high waisted wide leg pants only work on her so well because she is very petite. She more than like has her jeans altered to fit her perfectly.

Bojana said...

Rachel Bilson is SO adorable. I'm not up to date at all with hollywood love stories, so is she still with adam brody??

Bojana said...
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