Sunday, July 15, 2007

Round Up

So back from my two week trip, and the joys of Tivo/Sky+ style TV, magazine subscriptions (the new Vogue is actually rather good), gossip websites and of course blogs, means that I am very glad to be back and within reach of adequate technology.

But I had a very nice time, thank you very much!

So first things first- I really never thought that I would write about an actor from Harry Potter, but it's kind of topical, no? I always enjoy keeping an eye on the wardrobe of an actress who istouring the globe with a new film. Miss Watson is particularly inriguing, and not just because we have all watched her tranformation from a frizzy haired littl'un gracing the red carpet to a chanel-ed up young ladyyyy, but also because of those Chanel rumours...

(Surely she's not a new muse? What you think, Irina?)

And although I find her over emphasised posh ways a little nauseating at times, I would like to give a thumbs up to whoever has been responsable for dressing her. She doesn't look like an over oranged up, over sexually active little wannabe like other teen starlets (Jamie Lynn, anyone?) Her outfits have stayed true to her "posh girl" character without making her look like a victim of fashion-age confusion ala Kate Middleton.

Speaking of Posh. I would like to point out that I am acknowledging the Spice Girls reform. Thoughts, everyone? And I'm feeling a little bored already of the amount of pictures I've seen of my favourite Chavs settling into LA LA Land. And we've all seen those W pictures, surely. Uhhh, yeah. They're interesting.

Two pap shots that have caught my eye (I spent a lot of time yesterday working my way through the Popsugar archives from over the last 2 weeks) are of MK and Penelope both pulling off very different shirt dress looks to a Teeeee. And I would like everyone to give them a round of applause, purely for the fact that they didn't cinch their waists in Fendi style belts like VB probably would have done.

And last but not least, a nod of recognition to this anonymous ladeee, an attendee at the Karl Lagerfeld party for her fantastic dress, which no doubt, was only suitably viewed from one angle. Lets just hope she didn't do a Lindsay in the pants department! Shuddder

Thanks for all the comments, I've been slowly but surely checking out some of your latest posts, I feel like I've missed so much!

And will be shortly starting work on a Winter Trends post so keep your eyes peeled...


Ella Gregory said...

yey your back!
i wasnt convinced about emma watson until a few days ago when she looked really amazing (the pic is in hit and miss)
penelope probably looked amazing in that dress but the way she is walking in that pic puts me off a bit but mk can do no wrong
i hadnt seen that pic from the karl party but she looks amazing
maybe she is one of the secret couture buyers that never reveal their identity?

Siru said...

Great to get you back.

Emma watson has always been sweet. but now she has started to look actually stylish also. Good for her .
The picctures at W were... how could i say this? a bit too much. They looked amazing, without a doubt, but stilll dis they have to take it that far? I just can't get it.

The anonymonus lady really has a lot of courage.

juliet xxx

Anonymous said...

yeah, who knew emma watson could pull off trends.
props to her.
i like your blog by the way. and nice header.

María said...

I'm glad to see you back.
The anonymous lady is Clara Courel, Elle Spain's editor :)

Andrea Martínez Maugard said...

I love the shoes on the first Emma pic!

Mash said...

I LOVE the lady in white (clara courel like allure told us) she's very chic.

maya said...

have you been watching BB lately?
Charley is the biggest liar I have ever seen, bloody hell!
The new Harry Potter is amazing and I agree about the pictures of Posh and Becks, I don't care anymore!

alluretone said...

the girl from the lagerfeld party looks so dreamy in that dress, well done!

Bella said...

Emma Watson is the darling of the blogger world I swear to god...but I love effortlessly chic...and I'm diggin MK rockin that shirtdress....i just said diggin....oh