Sunday, September 30, 2007

interview: susie bubble, part two

What are your style staples for wearing this winter?
A big black coat, that is embellished with something shiny in the ilk of Gareth Pugh just so I can sling it over anything. A wrinkled leather jacket with lots of zippers. Boots with lots of buckles, laces and zippers. Could all be worn together actually come to think of it....

Which are your favourite models?
I'm quite the lame-o when it comes to remembering models' names so bear with me. I quite like Lara Stone as she's not a conventional model shape. I also like Tayla Collins for looking normal and outworldly all at the same time.

Which magazines are your regular reads?
i-D, Dazed & Confused, Ten, Flux, Jalouse, Another, Lula, Amelia's magazine, Let Them Eat Cake, Citizen K, Numero, Crash...ack... why deny it...I read them ALL!

If you could live in any other city, which would it be?
Hong Kong, which is my hometown. I've always said there are two places on the whole planet for me - HK and London. Other places I like to visit but permanent residence is a whole other matter altogether.

If you could be photographed by any fashion photographer, who would it be, and why?Funnily enough, I'm not so keen on having my photo taken even though I take face-covered shots of myself all the time. In terms of seeing a photographer at work, I'd love to see Tim Walker explain his intentions of a shoot though.

If you could swap lifestyles with anybody, who would it be?
I'd quite like to be Daphne Guinness for a day or two just to see what fittings at couture ateliers feel like.

Who is your favourite film director?
I have many but right now I've been re-watching a lot of Ingmar Bergman (so sad that he died....). Fanny & Alexander is so stunning.

Name one of your favourite songs.
Right now, it's 'You don't need this song' by Fields


Kat said...

Great part two of the interview, she has such great answers and my god, I would love if they sold all those different fashion mags here! In Ireland, especially at my age it is 'out there' to read Vogue!

Ah yes, Keira does have quite a prominent pout! She can overly pout to look all sophisticated but then she smiles and she has those crooked teeth which do make her seem normal and even a little goofy! I do agree that she is very skinny (although definitely not anorexic)but so are so many other personalites, yet only some get the blame,

Yeah, that Luella article is in the Paris issue. I know, I was totally like, 'Paris? Yawn!' Haven't even read it yet!
Btw, I love the name Stevie! Are you named after Stevie Nicks too, like Luella's daughter?!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

what a great interview, congrats on suzy for having so much sucess!

Michelle said...

Ace interview. Will there be more? x

Ellie Lee said...

love love the questions and answers!! haha!! anyhow love the prev post ont he prints!! i love luella!!!!

Ellie Lee said...

oh and anyhow!
i'm gna be doing a post about some of the cities of the world and the lifestyle and fashion stuff of the place and i would like to interview you ( together with a few other girls) so if u're interested; pls email me at k?! thanks a million! love!

Susana Rodrigues said...

Great part 2 :)

I like her blog very much :)


alluretone said...

i'd love to see what couture fitting are like too, to have a gorgeous gown fit you like a glove! dreammm.

-S said...

i didn't know there was going to be a part 2, so this was a pleasant surprise.

Ana said...

cool part two

btw i loved luellas collection. it was a dark and rainy spring collection not the usual happy flippery without veering into dark and depressing

Teresa said...

Oy I love these blog interviews ahaa.

Ella Gregory said...

Ahhh amazing end to the interview
i love the pic of daphne and issy, its so sad that issy died, her style was so exciting and unpredictable.
I love these interviews, who are you planning on next? I think you should answer the questions!

Bojana said...

Susie is awesome!!

But the "journalist" aswell :)

And, to respond to your question, I'm tring to post more often. But it's hard to keep the rythm because , well, it takes time to write and sometimes ideas just won't come.... Unlike you who always seems to have ideas and who posts regularly!! Kudos to you for the quantity but quality nonetheless!

Ellie Lee said...

haha thanks for d comment! lol and stevie!! really; wht gave u the impression tt i'm brit? haha! actually i;m frm singapore(:

anyhow to reply yr qn. i would have to say- fashion is kinda like the universal language. it kinda breaks barriers..

but global fashion somewhat is like a melting pot consisting of all the many electic tastes frm all over and to me; fashion is much more fun that way! haha!

hope it kinda anwers your qn!

Siru said...

oh what a lovely info!

juliet xxx

Flashy_Shades said...

ah, susie, my hero.

Mash said...

great job miss reporter :) I really enjoyed read this . And susie's got really good tastes .
P.S : please don't forget the pic of your bag ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Stevie! Late comment coming but just wanted to say thank you for conducting such an insightful interview.

Glad ppl enjoyed it!

Can't wait to see who you interview next...