Saturday, March 29, 2008


work, the birthday get together of an old friend, a trip to the local art centre, a poke around the record shop..

i love weekends.

i'll be back soon to post and reply to comments.

have a good one yourselves!

pictured: the paris vogue team. put your hands up if you want to be part of this family.

carine and julia , emmanuelle, melanie and also mario s.

pic: jak and jill


Héloïse J. said...

a sit next to emmanuell for me please! (my hand 's still up!!)

have a fab weekend :D

ediot said...

take care and have fun!

alluretone said...

*raises hand*

have a good weekend!

Monika said...

who doesn't love weekends? :-)

cris said...

yea, who doesnt love them? hha, have fun!

Wendy said...

I am raising my hand!

Aisha said...

I love weekends when i can act like if it was actually weekend =L
i have no idea if that made sense, but it does in my spanish student mind, daaaah.


lara said...

Haha ok , I raise my hand :) Who woudn't :D?

lee jones said...

*hand raised*

p.s. just for you dried peaches is back : )

hannah said...

im raising my hand. i wanna be part of the team!

have a good weekend.

Baby Owl. said...

Want to be part of it so much I'm debating a photoshopping experiment haha
Hope you've had a lovely weekend darling

Alya said...


Ana said...

*raises hand*

If only I took French instead of Spanish.

Anna Pope said...

I love weekends, just doing what you want and not what you have to, bliss!

And I wouldn't mind being in that pic, not one bit!