Thursday, November 13, 2008

editorial to heart. hanne for 10 magazine

10 magazine, latest issue
stylist david vandewal
photographers claudia knoepfel and stefan indlekofer
model hanne gaby odiele
i'm going a bundle on the restricted grey hues and relentless rooftop landscapes; aesthetically speaking it reallyreally appeals to me, though i could be doing with a little less of the "hey check it out, i'm being held hostage!" hands-behind-back posing.

but this small draw back is very much redeemed by the great casting (Hanne Gaby Odiele) and the styling. Animal masks(!), multiple layered belts and the odd streamlined silhouette of a 1990s style dress. add a bit of "let's accessorise with bin bag hats and sparkly shoulders" spirit et fini!

i have never really understood why hanne never made it bigger. personally i really like her; she has such an incredible face which actually has a look rather similar to heidi mount, i think. and is often a great example of model style, and yet although she has walked many a show, they're rarely for the big guns of the design world.


A. said...

i love hanne! she reminds me of a babydoll & is actually a very good friend of a very good friend ;]

& this ed as soon as i saw it i fell in love. its exactly the kind of thing i like to see - a bit of whimsy with gorgeous washed out colours = perfection.

fab post. chat soon!

love xxx

Thu said...

i like the look with the thank you bag in it. the heels from the first picture are crazy. i wonder how someone can possibly walk in those.

Anonymous said...

mmm i luv the shoot....but its a little sad that Hanne loks best in the shots where at least half her face is covered.... hmmm

young-shields said...

i love that last image! dayum y-s x


great find
beautiful editorial

Jessica said...

Nice pictures...i love the pastel tone :)

Anonymous said...

roof tops are the best. i don't know why but i'd much rather live in a flat with access to a roof top than a garden.

Meghan Fabulous said...

Hey love the blog!!
Would you like to link with meghanfabulous?!!

edith said...

i love the muted color scheme of the background. such great shots!

emsie said...

these are beautiful; love them & love hanne.

Irene (capuccinobar) said...

i love hanne, she's such a great model,


lux said...

ohhh my its so beautiful

SICK. said...

wow, i loved the first photo from first glance.
i think it's the industrial grey background in contrast with the soft muted clothing, then of course the addition of the animal masks is always cool.

& did you know hanne got in a major accident ? i guess before she was bigger than she is now, she was hit by a car while crossing the street and she broke both her legs among other bones. she was in a wheelchair, and they told her she might not walk again.
and here she is now ! strong and determined little bugger, isn't she ? :] i think she's beautiful.

oh & about the miss dior chérie ad ... don't worry, here in canada i've yet to see it either. i'm stuck with commercials about scrubbing bubbles automatic shower cleaner.
but i have see the ad in a magazine, i believe .

happythursday !


ediot said...

loving the editorial. so cool!

Andrew said...

this is my favorite editorial in a long time